Ridiculously Overpriced Chinese Balls

Because yesterday was the Chinese New Year, I wanted to get some tikoy before the day ended. So right after work, I went to the nearest mall to try and find some. Chinese restaurants are a dime a dozen in this country and I figured I wouldn’t have any trouble. Boy, was I wrong.
The mall was about to close and I still couldn’t find any restaurant selling the stuff. I gave up and settled on celebrating the year of the rabbit by having a dinner of Chinese nomz at North Park. They didn’t have tikoy but they did have something called Gabi Butchi on the desserts section of the menu.
North Park’s Gabi Butchi (p67)
It came in a medium-sized plate that was too big to hold the tiny little gabi butchis. At 67 pesos for three butchis, I was expecting something more substantial than three small balls of sticky stuff coated with sesame seeds. Although disappointed at the serving size, I bit into the soft and sticky balls and discovered that they were rather tasty. The gabi sticky stuff was softer and less sticky than usual and it had a tiny bit of salted egg yolk in the middle that served as a nice contrast to the mild sweetness of the gabi.
Don’t get me wrong, I love North Park, particularly their Toast Noodles and the Century Egg with Jelly Fish Salad but their Gabi Butchi, although good, is ridiculously overpriced at p23 a piece.

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