Lachis Classic Sans Rival – Delightful Davao (Part 5)

It seemed fitting to end the Delightful Davao series by recounting our afternoon at Lachi’s, the place that EVERYONE recommended. This bakery-cum-restaurant seems to have gained a huge following and has won the favor of even the most critical Manileños.
Lachi’s Classic Sans Rival (p50+/-)
As soon as friends found out about the trip to Davao, a lot of them told us not to leave without trying the bakeshop’s famous sans rival. We asked our tourguide Kuya K about it and he gladly obliged (our want to fatten ourselves up some more). So one rainy afternoon in Davao, we drove over to Ruby street and shortly found ourselves settled inside the small cafe. Nomming, of course.
Actually, the cafe was full to bursting when we arrived (surprising because it was raining like kitties and puppies) and there weren’t enough tables and chairs to fit our semi-large group. So we checked out the pretty cakes on display while waiting (salivating the entire time). Cake slices were fairly priced at a range of 50-100 pesos and we were excited to stuff our faces with the sweet stuff.
Cream Custard Cake (p48) and Cashew Mocha Torte (p52)
We had to try the sans rival of course, everyone seems to be all agog over it. They have a durian variant that was sadly not available (Bim was happy) so the first orders were a couple slices of the very famous Lachi’s Classic Sans Rival. What I liked about it is that the wafery cake was sweet but not sickeningly so and the layers were crunchy but soft (is that weird?).
 Regal Chocolate Torte (p60) and Carrot Walnut Cake (p48)
Being in Lachi’s where all the cakes were on display, we couldn’t just try one cake. We had to order a few more (diabetes, here we come)
My favorite would have to be the Cream Custard Cake which was a chiffon cake with light cream in the middle and sweet custard on top. The Cashew Mocha Torte and Regal Chocolate Torte were both delicious (similar to chocolate mousse) while  the Carrot Walnut Cake is a classic that’s a steal for its price.
Click for a larger image
They’re more than just a cake shop and have a full menu of breakfast, lunch and dinner nomz. Since we didn’t get to try them, I thought to post the menu, just in case you wanted to see what’s available. When you’re in Davao, you have to go and visit Lachi’s, it’s definitely worth it.

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Lachi’s Sans Rival, Atbp.
Location: Ruby Street, Marfori Heights, Davao City
Contact info: 6382-2245552; 0916-9841183
Other info: Lachi’s Facebook Page

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