The Durian Fruit – Delightful Davao (Part 4)

Davao is famous for being a major source of the king of fruits– the durian. Available in the city all year round, but most plentiful (and cheapest) in August (also the month of the Kadayawan festival), durian is something you should try at least once when you’re in Davao.
King of fruits
Because of it’s strong aroma, durian is a fruit that has varied reviews. Some enjoy the distinct odor of the fruit while others find it offensive and disgusting. Planes going out of the city do not allow the fruit as a carry-on, but you can bring the fruit in your check-in luggage (this doesn’t really contain the smell, my luggage has a faint durian scent after EVERY Davao visit).
The smell isn’t THAT bad
This fragrant fruit will be the topic of our latest entry in the Delightful Davao series. I’m in Davao every so often and the durian (and its smell) isn’t anything new to me (the fresh fruit is ok, but I like durian best as a shake from Merco). To give you an unbiased opinion of this unusual fruit, we’ll recount the experience of someone who tried durian for the first time.
Before durian
This is Bim, the Comicology dude (will also be referred to as the noob). It was his first time in Davao, and we wouldn’t couldn’t let him get away without trying fresh durian. We trooped over to the Ramon Magsaysay Park where durian fruit vendors are aplenty. The smell of the fruit that wafted under our noses as soon as we got out of the car made the noob scrunch up his nose and hold a towel over his face.
After durian
Surrounded by DavaoeΓ±os (which included my dad), he knew he couldn’t back down from the challenge no matter how badly he wanted to. When the vendor broke the the hard, spiky shell of the fruit open and laid it down on the table, he had to toughen up, forget about the smell, and put the sticky flesh of the fruit in his mouth. Which he did.
It didn’t go over so well. His face stayed in that i-just-swallowed-an-alien expression for a long time. I asked him to give me a one line description of what was going through his head that time and his answer is this- “F@#K EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS FRUIT!”
Yes, he was thinking in allcaps (and without censorship). Conclusion? Durian- it’s not for the weak of heart.

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  1. J P Hays

    I'm afraid that durian is going to be one of the things that I have no way to back out of when I visit the Philippines again. Note the "when" part. I finally got back together with my ex (different ex from the one I visited the first time, long story…), and I'm pretty much obligated to go back there when I get the money, obviously.

    I'm also not looking forward to balut, which I am sure she will have me try.

  2. abumelt

    @Kuya K: Ikaw na taga-Davao, di kumakain ng durian. Tsktsktsk.

    @JP Hays: Have you been to Davao? Good luck with the durian and congratulations with getting back together with your ex. Btw, balut's awesome. Tell us about your experience when you do try it.

    @slangards: His face scrunches back to that expression EVERY time you mention durian. πŸ˜€


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