The Bad Thing About Kitchen..

..is that there aren’t enough branches in the country. That’s about the only bad thing I can come up with.  Everything else about Kitchen is hands down wonderful. 

The combination of fabulous nomz at generous servings, swift service, classy yet modern ambiance, and fair prices leave me happy and contented after each visit. I’ve never gone to Kitchen and left the restaurant feeling disappointed or cheated (like I feel after nomming at a fancy schmancy resto with mediocre fare).

Lazy Oaf (p195)
Here’s last week’s happy food. The Lazy Oaf is half an herbed chicken chillaxing on top of a bed of soft white rice. It’s a simple, easy, clean, and neat meal that you can’t go wrong with.


The bf‘s all time favorite order is the Undercover. Chunky chicken fillets enveloped in pandan leaves together with a generous serving of pandan rice can satisfy an appetite bigger than average. The chicken is quite tasty and the pandan-laced rice complements the pandan-flavored meat perfectly.
Undercover (p200)
Another all-time favorite is the bottomless Pandan Iced Tea. Free flowing iced tea with the distinct taste of pandan can be had for only sixty bucks. The pomelo shake is a refreshing fruit shake topped with actual fruit.
Bottomless Pandan Iced Tea
Pomelo Shake
Although it’s a (slightly) pricier place, the prices are more than justifiable. The nomz are not only excellent, but the servings are also generous. The service too, I just want to say it again, is topnotch.  The server is always available without being overbearing (like some persistent ones in other restaurants). Kitchen should really start opening up branches everywhere (Bonifacio Global City please).

Location: 1/F Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center, Makati
Contact number: (02) 757-4565 to 66

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  1. J P Hays

    The Lazy Oaf has a beautiful red color. Makes me wonder what kind of herbs are in it. The price isn't too bad either. Hopefully there's a location near where I'll be staying…


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