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Salut, BaconTunaMelt readers (if there’s any left)! I’ve been in France for a couple of weeks now and although I still long for home, I think I’m slowly adjusting to life here. One of the many adjustments, besides living alone in a tiny hotel room, that I had to deal with is having to worry about what to eat on a daily basis.
First night in Lyon (this picture has no correlation to nomz whatsoever)
I’m not one to spend my time cooking because I’ve been used to having cheap but good eats readily available in every corner of Manila at any time of the day (also, my cooking abilities are fairly limited, see example). Back home, for lunch, I would usually just get lunch from the cafeteria lady in the office pantry, or buy a quick (and heartstopping) meal from one of the restaurants downstairs.
I can’t really do that here. Well, I guess I can too, but there are only two restaurants near(-ish) the current office which sell mostly sandwiches and being the Filipino that I am, I crave for rice and other usual Pinoy fare so I’ve opted to cook my own lunch (egad!). These are (currently) my Top 3 insta-meals:
French meets Pinoy- Chicken cordon bleu and steaming white rice
1. Chicken Cordon Bleu with Rice

Luckily for me, France makes life easy enough for kitchen noobs cooking for one. The groceries are stocked with nomz fresh and prepacked in small containers, sometimes individual ones.

My first ever packed lunch is a chunk of premade Chicken Cordon Bleu and a serving of steaming white rice (yes, they sell bigas here!). All I did was fry the frozen chicken with a tablespoon of oil in low heat and I had me a delicious first meal. It’s not the healthiest but it was good enough for a first try.

I call it Seven Minute Tomato Twisty Pasta
2. Seven Minute Tomato Twisty Pasta

Another one of my easy cook meals is this pasta dish I call Five Minute Tomato Twisty Pasta. I just boil up some water with a dash of salt and grab a handful of pasta and wait for 5 minutes for it to cook. Then I scoop out a couple spoons of bottled Napolitaine pasta sauce (bought from the grocery), sprinkle it with (store bought) grated cheese and within minutes, the dish is good to go. Really good if you’re about to be late for work.

Beef BBQ Burger and Taters
3. Beef BBQ Burger

I came across these individually wrapped frozen beef patties all ready for cooking in the grocery last week. From this angle, you can’t see how thick the burger is. But I tell you, it’s thick, juicy, and delicious. I wanted to grill it, but I don’t have a griller. So I sprinkled it with some salt on both sides and fried it the good, old fashioned and greasy way. The potatoes are also prepacked and just needed a little butter, salt, and some steaming. After squeezing a generous amount of barbecue sauce on top of the meat, it’s a full, heavy and hearty meal.

These three lunches in a box are not exactly gourmet cooking, but they’re good, fun to make, easy on the pocket, and it works for people useless in the kitchen (a.k.a. me). Who knows, now that I’ve gone through the basic cooking, maybe next week I’ll attempt (and succeed!) at complicated dishes!

And although I still miss my mom’s kare kare, I am getting used to lunch and life in a box in France.


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  1. Lei

    Dapat nagdala ka ng mga food mix 🙂 I brought with me Chopsuey and Sinigang mix here in Melbourne. Or bawal ba? Try searching for Asian stores baka meron silang mix dyan. Dito kasi meron, yung Mama Sita pa 🙂

    There are also many recipes online, search ka lang and try mo yun madadali lang muna.

    Good luck!


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