McDonalds of the World: Royal Bacon in France

Bonsoir everybody! The day is about to close on this side of the world and I thought to start writing about this little fastfood chain that I visited recently. McDonald’s! Here on BaconTunaMelt, we have the series called McDonald’s of the World and I’m already living in France, of course I wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to feature their nomz. 

McDonald’s of the World: France
Quite honestly, it was one of the first few places I looked for (seeing a McDonald’s in a strange place oddly comforts me). It wasn’t until I first had to venture my way around the city to open a bank account until I finally found one, specifically in Bellecour.
Bellecour is one of the more popular destinations in Lyon, France. In the heart of the city, this square is one of the busiest. Right in the middle of it is the statue of King Louis XIV (a tourist destination) and near the area are landmarks such as the Hotel de Ville and is considered a mecca for shopping with a long stretch of filled with stores of all kind (including Louis Vuitton and Cartier).
McDonald’s at Place Bellecour
Right above one of the exits of the Metro (Bellecour station) is a McDonald’s. I actually kind of got lost getting there, heading in the opposite direction towards the Poste Principale (the main post office) instead of the commercial area and had to backtrack (here, walking shoes is a must, if you like your feet) to find it. It was such a relief when I found it, because I was feeling kind of down (you would too if you had to eat my cooking) and McDonald’s nomz, wherever it is, is comfort food.
Inside, it was almost like your typical McDonald’s restaurant. The place smells like fries, the familiar yellow M logo, and the crew in fastfood uniform (caps too!). Everything, of course, was in French, including the menu. Also noticeably different, is that in every counter, there’s a self-service machine to pay via debit card. Cool!
Maxi Best Of Royal Bacon (€6.90 or about Php423)
It took me a while to order because I couldn’t understand much of what was on the menu, but when I saw the words “royal” and “bacon” all in one line, I knew I had to get it. The lady behind the counter couldn’t understand much English but I kind of figured out how to order the meal and upgrade the fries and drink while at it (the ugrade cost €0.50) and order a dessert, all for take out.
Look at that patty!
Sadly, the dessert, supposedly chocolate mousse, got lost in translation. Or something. I ordered and paid for it but it wasn’t in the bag (I forgot to check until I was home). No matter, I had with me a burger that seriously smelled like home (I dunno, it might be the grease). The Royal Bacon is a one layer burger with a wide beef patty and some bacon strips sandwiched between very thin burger buns.
To the very hungry me (I walked several kilometers only on breakfast nomz), it tasted really, really good. The beef was not as greasy as I was expecting it to be (surprisingly), and thick enough for me to actually taste the flavor of meat and the hint of bacon (the thin buns helped too). The fries were cold by the time I got home but their special sauce (something like an herbed mayonnaise) made up for it. Except for the fact that ordering can be a bit of a challenge if you can’t speak the language, I give McDonald’s in France two thumbs up.

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McDonald’s of the World


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  1. J P Hays

    That actually looks pretty good. That patty's got some nice color, and it is quite big indeed.

    I still haven't forgot about doing a "McDonald's of the world" guest post. I just am having a hard time finding a menu item here that isn't also sold in the Philippines, and I'm not going to spend all day looking at the two menus and comparing and contrasting the items. 😛

  2. abumelt

    The burger's pretty good, actually. It's the ordering that's challenging.

    Lol. If you have McD's, feature the tea! I love that. I'm excited about this guest post! 😛


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