My Birthday Treat – Mousse Royale Fraise

From my last post, you guys already know that I celebrated my birthday in France away from family and friends. Although I was by myself, I had to treat myself to a birthday cake. I mean, it’s not a proper birthday without a cake, yes? The day before, I headed to the nearest patisserie and got me a couple slices of the most sinful looking cake on display. This-
Birthday cake (slices)! Mousse Royale Fraise (€3.20 or Php196 for 2 slices)
It’s called Mousse Royale Fraise, or in english, Royal Strawberry Mousse and I bought two small slices of it. The base was a paper thin layer of cake, then a layer of cream, and then a small layer of foamy cake, followed by an inch thick  layer of strawberry laced cream glazed on top with thin layer of gelatin and topped with a thin slice of chocolate with an image of a strawberry.
On the day of my birthday, I blew my pretend candles and savored this sinful sweet treat. The first bite of this delicate cake was a delightful feast for the tastebuds. The mousse was smooth, creamy, and rich. Perfect as a birthday treat (but not as daily fare).

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  1. J P Hays

    Oh, wow… I have never seen a cake (Is it even considered a cake, with so much mousse on top?) so… sinfully decadent like this one. Say what you will about France, they are definitely the kings of pastries. I wonder how hard it is to make something similar…?


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