The KLM Inflight Long-Haul Menu

Salut! It’s my first weekend in France and I’m homesick. Honestly, I didn’t think I’d be this lonely on my first week alone. So now I’m writing to you guys, because writing for BaconTunaMelt makes me feel like I’m talking to a friend back home (aww, dramz).
So far away from home

For the longest time, I’ve been wanting to feature inflight menus. Airplane nomz usually get much flak for being unappetizing, bland, and just plain gross but from personal experience, long-haul flight menus have actually gotten pretty good. When I found out I’d be flying from the Philippines to Amsterdam via KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, an airline I haven’t tried before, I was extremely eager to write all about the nomz.

When I settled into my seat, the first thing I looked for was the menu of the food to be served throughout the flight. There was none. It was a bit of a let down, I wanted to show you guys photos of the (kind of) fancy menu they tuck inside your chair pocket. Other airlines usually have fancy names for what they’ll be serving and it makes you look forward to the flight.

Roasted almonds and Fanta Orange

Anyway, as soon as the pilot turned off the seatbelt sign, the flight attendants started handing out these little packets of roasted almonds and your choice of a drink. Nuts are always a good choice for a snack, healthier than chips or other preprocessed snack. These particular ones were great, a good precurser for the main course. My Fanta Orange drink on the other hand, tasted like those giant medicine tablets that fizzle in water.

The lunch trayAf

A few hours later was lunch. Like in any other airline, you choose your food by picking the meat. In this case, the choice was between fish and chicken. I wasn’t too hungry so I picked the lighter meat. The main dish came in a sealed container with the fish on once side, the rice in the middle, and steamed vegetables on the right side.

One of the great things about inflight nomz is that they’re so compact. Besides the main dish, the meal also comes with a side dish of grilled vegetables, dessert, crackers, and butter, your utensils, and a drink all in one neat tray. I understand why some people might not enjoy having everything in a small space but I like it, it satisfies my inner OC-ness. ^_~

Here’s a quick rundown- the fish was okay, the grilled vegetables were great, and the orange mousse (the one on the upper right hand side of the tray) was fabulous. I’m gonna have to try and make that sometime.

Pinoy snack

For the second snack, we were asked to choose between ice cream or a sandwich. Being a child (at heart), I picked the ice cream and was pleasantly surprised that it was Mango Royale, a flavor near and dear to my heart. Made and packaged locally too, I checked.

Last meal

The last meal came an hour before landing. This time, there was just one dish served to everyone (except those with allergies)– chicken on pasta with red sauce. Thirteen hours in flight doing nothing but watch movies, read a book, and wallow in homesickness took a toll and I wasn’t in the mood to eat aything (or do anything for that matter) so I opted to skip the main meal and pick at the side dish and dessert.

What I thought to be salty pancit turned out to be some kind of sour noodle dish with cold shrimps on top. The dessert was your typical fare of assorted fruits which weren’t bad. I brought home the main dish and it’s been in my fridge for about five days now, sealed and untouched (anyone else think it’s time to throw it out?).

Throughout the flight, snacks were free and available in every division of the aircraft. Overall, KLM nomz were meh. They weren’t bad, nor were they exceptionally good, plus they don’t deliver the extras that other airlines do.


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  1. J P Hays

    That food does look delicious. My brief foray into in-flight meals (just the one when I went to the Philippines and back) were pretty decent. The only dish I really had issue with was the breakfast on my return flight.. It had this stuff that looked and tasted like bacon, but had a weird, jelly-like texture.

  2. BaconTunaMelt

    They're not bad, but not as awesome as other airline nomz. ๐Ÿ™‚ Which airline did you take when you went to the Philippines?

    Also, that jelly-like bacon thing? That's probably not actually bacon. ๐Ÿ˜›


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