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A Taiwanese food blogger has been jailed for writing a critical review of a restaurant. Liu visited Mr. Yang’s beef noodle restaurant and the nomz and the ambiance did not fit her liking. She then wrote about her negative experience on her blog and the said blog post created quite a buzz, enough for people to ask Mr. Yang about it.

After visiting a Taichung beef noodle restaurant in July 2008, where she had dried noodles and side dishes, Liu wrote that the restaurant served food that was too salty, the place was unsanitary because there were cockroaches and that the owner was a “bully” because he let customers park their cars haphazardly, leading to traffic jams. Read the full story on Taipei Times here. 

Mr. Yang then files charges and wins it. Ms. Liu gets 30 days of detention, 2 years of probation, and NT$200,000 (about Php300,000). Yikes. I haven’t read the said blog post, so I can’t really form an unbiased opinon. I can’t find Ms. Liu’s blog either. I’m assuming they took it down after this incident.
Photo editting credits go to Bim (bacon photo from here)

I thought blog posts were taken as a personal opinion of individuals and everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. We do regular restaurant reviews here on this blog, some of them positive, some negative. I didn’t realize I could go to jail for it. If ever I do go to jail, you guys will keep reading BaconTunaMelt, right? ~_~


Mama Caroni Three Course Menu Lyonnaise
Bonjour everybody! It’s a cool Saturday here in Lyon and I just got back from a day of window shopping. There’s some sort of event going on this weekend (I’m guessing it has something to do with the LGBT, because of the number of rainbow flags out and about) and the streets and subways are packed.

I also got the chance to visit the Asian store for the first time and got myself a bottle of Mama Sita Barbecue Sauce and some Haw Flakes (YES!). But I’m getting ahead of myself, that story will be reserved for later. Right now, I want to tell you all about last Saturday’s first venture to try the gastronomic delights that this city has to offer (it is known as the gastronomic capital of France). So sit back, relax, and have a cup of coffee (yes, this will be long).
French-Italian fusion at Mama Caroni
Picking a place to eat at in this country can be tricky because my limited knowledge of their language might lead me to order frog legs or something equally disgusting. At least I can tell the meats apart- ‘poulet’ for chicken, ‘boeuf’ for beef, ‘porc’ for pork, ‘thon’ for tuna, and ‘saumon’ for salmon.

Everywhere in the always packed Place Bellecour, there are many bouchons to choose from along the main streets. Many look like your typical trendy restaurant with floor to ceiling glass windows and fancy logos. Although  people there probably speak more English, I wanted to try something with an authentic feel. And the perfect place is the quaint alley called rue des Marroniers.
Rue des Marronniers
Near the mainstream Place Bellecour, rue des Marronniers is a street lined with smallish restaurants from left to right, all of them with menu chalkboards outside, written in French of course. Deciding on which one was a dilemma because all of them looked interesting (and also because I couldn’t understand much). Eventually, the quaint Mama Caroni won me over with its tan walls, bright red highlights, and a kindly server to usher you in.

Mama Caroni is a French-Italian restaurant with a menu that includes specialties from both countries. Because it was my first time in an actual bouchon (I’ve been living on fastfood, as usual), I knew I had to try the traditional local order- the three course Menu Lyonnaise.
Salade Lyonnaise
Starting things off was the traditional Salade Lyonnaise. In a huge salad plate was a colorful mess of greens, mixed in with nearly an equal portion of bacon (zomg!), some buttered croutons, drizzled with olive oil and a splash of wine vinegar and Dijon mustard and then topped off with a poached egg. It was amazing, with no exaggeration. All the flavors blended together beautifully and each bite was just delightful.

I was full after the salad alone but there were more to go. The main course was served next, it was a choice between Onglet de boeuf poele, sauce echalote, pates fraiches maison or Andouillette sauce moutarde, pommes sautees. I recognized ‘boeuf’ to be beef and had absolutely no idea what an ‘andouillete’ was so I picked the beef.
Onglet de Boeuf Poele
With a name like Onglet de Boeuf, you’d think that it would be a typical steak with a side of mashed potatoes. Apparently, onglet de boeuf poele sauce echalote, pates fraiches maison translated to English is beef steak with shallot sauce on fresh house pasta (or something close). Boy, was I surprised when it arrived.

Suprise #1- I wasn’t expecting it to be served with pasta. Surprise #2- because I requested the meat to be cooked well-done, I didn’t expect spurts of red ooze coming out from the meat when I sliced it. The pasta, I could live with, but the red juice was a bit of a turn off. Good thing the server was kind enough to humor my request to have it cooked a little bit more. The beef was tender and juicy but the sauce had a slightly pungent flavor that didn’t sit well with me.
Desserts, anyone?
Last but not the least is dessert. Part of Mama Caroni’s €15 worth Menu Lyonnaise is a choice between the tiramisu or fraise (fresh strawberries) and I just had to try the popular Italian dessert.

It. was. so. good. Served in a cute little jar, this version is different from the typical tiramisu. It had no lady fingers but it had hints of marscarpone cheese mixed in espresso, a little liquor, and topped with a very generous amount of whipped cream and then dusted with some chocolate powder (or it could’ve been coffee actually). It was perfect end to a good meal.

Besides the bloody beef, I enjoyed myself enough with the big serving of the fabulous salad and the best dessert I’ve had so far. Mama Caroni’s Menu Lyonnaise gets two thumbs up and a big burp from me.

Mama Caroni
Location: 9 rue Marronniers, 69002 Lyon

9 Rue des Marronniers , 69002 Lyon

Contact info: 04 72 41 88 78

9 Rue des Marronniers , 69002 Lyon

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Dear Croissant

Dear croissant, I’m not very fond of breads. I thought I should tell you before I go on.

Dear croissant, I’m not very fond of breads. When having a sandwich, I put on a thick layer of spread the and use as little bread as possible, preferrably on a 1:1 ratio.

Dear croissant, I’m not very fond of breads. When having a burger, I throw away one of the two buns before proceeding to eat it.

Dear croissant, I’m not very fond of breads. On pizzas, I only get thin crust ones. If they don’t have it, I don’t eat pizza.
Dear croissant, I’m not very fond of breads. But that was before I met you. Or actually, before I lived in a country where you’re available in all shapes, sizes, and flavors in all patisseries.

Dear croissant, I’m not very fond of breads. But the many layers of thin dough fused together by a healthy amount of butter ends up in a flaky, delicious puff pastry that is impossible to resist.

Dear croissant, I’m not very fond of breads. But you’re so tasty and irrestable, even to the pickiest of bread eaters.

Dear croissant, I’m not very fond of breads. But when I get a waft of the aroma of a freshly baked you through the open doors of the nearest boulangerie, all resolve to keep a diet is nixed.

Dear croissant, I’m not very fond of breads. But I love you, like I’ve never loved a bread before.

Is the Green Lantern Doughnut any good?
Combining the love for sweets and superheroes, our friends over at Comicology celebrated National Doughnut Day (late) with half a dozen of Krispy Kreme’s newest offering, The Green Lantern Kreme Doughnut.
Because I cannot try it myself, I satiate my cravings with Mr. Comicology’s delicious account of this special fried treat.
Green Lantern Doughnuts (p264/half dozen; p370/dozen)

Comicology says: This is one of those very rare instances where comic book geekery and food meet to create a GEEK FOODIE FUSION. And with that comes the very first cross post between Comicology: The Study of Awesome and BaconTunaMelt. Huzzah! 

I, for one, love the marketing being put behind the Green Lantern movie. It’s a hell of a lot less traditional than mere TV spots and blogger events. (Yes, I’m just bitter no one asks me to come to the party anymore.) They’ve got a Green Lantern logo in the park at Glorietta. Scattered among the trees there are little green paper lanterns that just look spectacular at night. Another one of their efforts is the Green Lantern donut by Krispy Kreme. I just had to give this bad boy a try.

Wanna know if the Green Lantern Doughnut is any good? Click this link to read the full doughnut review on Comicology. If you’re a fan of Green Lantern or doughnuts or desserts, you should definitely check it out.


Green Lantern Krispy Kreme Doughnut
This morning, I woke up to an image link of this fantastically sweet treat. The puppy-daddy, who is a huge fan of anything comic book related, showed me this odd-looking doughnut. (Also, I have been ordered made to memorize the Green Lantern oath.)
The Green Lantern Kreme Doughut
In time for the movie, Krispy Kreme’s latest offering is a Green Lantern Kreme Doughnut. Krispy Kreme’s newest sugar creation is made of rich chocolate dough iced with chocolate made with Hershey’s Milk Chocolate, powdered with sugar and topped with green (lantern) jelly. Sound good?
Hello there, Mr. Reynolds. *waggles eyebrows*
Hurry then, and head to the nearest Krispy Kreme branch and go get some. Green Lantern will be showing in cinemas starting June 16.

And here is the Green Lantern oath (because memorizing this was a requirement, not an option): “In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil’s might, beware my power.. Green Lantern’s light!


Guess what happens to peaches when left in the fridge for too long?
Remember from a few posts back when I rambled on (and on) about the tropical fruit basket I received for my birthday? Thing is, it was a huge fruit basket with more than a dozen fruits (including an entire pineapple) and there’s just one me.


Although I tried to consume as much as I could, a bunch of fruits were relegated to the furthest corner of the fridge. And that bunch included the peaches. Today, I was cleaning out the fridge when I saw this-
This needs a lolcaption. Halpz?
This, boys and girls, is what happens to peaches when left in the fridge for far too long. They attempt to grow an afro.
I actually had goosebumps when I took a closer look. It looked like it was about to bust a move at anytime. Seriously, what the heck is that? These four peaches were all in one container and left in the fridge all at the same time. And why did it grow on just one?

Pink Mornings with Kelloggs Hello Kitty Loops
Who doesn’t know this cute kitty cat with the pink bow (or red) and a yellow button nose? I think all little girls (or at least those within my age range) went through a phase when a trip to a Sanrio store was the highlight of the week. I personally had a thing for Kerokeropi but for most girls, Hello Kitty was their Sanrio favorite.
I’ve always wondered why she didn’t have a mouth.

Girls (and guys who like pink), guess what I found while doing the groceries one fine Saturday afternoon? (or, you know, just scroll down to find out)

This happy bowl of pink cereal is from a box of Kellogg’s Limited Edition Hello Kitty Loops. These  breakfast crunchies taste like the regular Froot Loops, the only difference being that they’re pink (and oh so girly). A big box costs less than two hundred pesos and that should be enough to last you at least ten full bowls of the pink stuff.
Limited edition Kellogg’s Hello Kitty Loops (€2.95 or Php183.5)
They’re not exactly collector’s item, but if you’re a fan, you’re gonna love this! I’m not even a big fan but waking up and pouring pink Hello Kitty cereal cheers me up in the morning.