Is the Green Lantern Doughnut any good?

Combining the love for sweets and superheroes, our friends over at Comicology celebrated National Doughnut Day (late) with half a dozen of Krispy Kreme’s newest offering, The Green Lantern Kreme Doughnut.
Because I cannot try it myself, I satiate my cravings with Mr. Comicology’s delicious account of this special fried treat.
Green Lantern Doughnuts (p264/half dozen; p370/dozen)

Comicology says: This is one of those very rare instances where comic book geekery and food meet to create a GEEK FOODIE FUSION. And with that comes the very first cross post between Comicology: The Study of Awesome and BaconTunaMelt. Huzzah! 

I, for one, love the marketing being put behind the Green Lantern movie. It’s a hell of a lot less traditional than mere TV spots and blogger events. (Yes, I’m just bitter no one asks me to come to the party anymore.) They’ve got a Green Lantern logo in the park at Glorietta. Scattered among the trees there are little green paper lanterns that just look spectacular at night. Another one of their efforts is the Green Lantern donut by Krispy Kreme. I just had to give this bad boy a try.

Wanna know if the Green Lantern Doughnut is any good? Click this link to read the full doughnut review on Comicology. If you’re a fan of Green Lantern or doughnuts or desserts, you should definitely check it out.


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  1. J P Hays

    I just looked it up. Sadly, it seems like it's probably a Philippines-only variety. Not that it really matters, since the closest Krispy Kreme is about a 45-minute drive away.. Oh well. At least there's several other good donut places nearby.


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