Download The BaconTunaMelt Android App!
Hello cute ladies and gents (you’re all cute in my eyes)! How are you all on this fine July morning? Everyone doing okay? In Lyon, it’s been an unusually chilly summer month with a few thunderstorms here and there. The new blog is still under development after almost a month (I’ll get to it eventually!). 

BaconTunaMelt on Android

Anyhoots, what I came here to talk about is the newest development for loyal readers (-3 people). BaconTunaMelt is now available for Android users! Yup, there exists a BaconTunaMelt Android app. Cleverly named BaconTunaMelt on Android (what? I couldn’t think of a good name for it), the app shows you the latest updates on the blog.
Touch the star to add a post to favorites!
Besides the post updates, you can also tag a post as a favorite (and keep the article for future reading) and also share a post on Facebook, Plurk, Twitter, Google+, Reddit, and slew of other sharing sites. 

Change settings to your personal preference. 🙂
You also have options for display, updates, notifications, backup, etc. In the meantime, it’s not available on the official Android Market (I found out I needed to pay them $25 bucks for it, so no go) but you can still download it here and install it on your Android phones or tablets. 

Here’s how:

BaconTunaMelt on Android APK
1. Scan this QR code with your basic Barcode scanner and it will direct you to download the BaconTunaMelt APK (you can also click the link if you’re viewing this howto on your mobile or if you want to download it on your computer)

Open browser -> Save

2. Save the file and install (if you don’t have an installer, download one like Easy Installer, it’s free!).

Install -> Open

And last but not the least,
3. Add a shortcut of the BaconTunaMelt on Android app to your home screen and start getting nomz updates on your phone!

Look for the BaconTunaMelt logo! 🙂

*If you’re having problems with the installation, tell us and we’ll walk you through it. 😛


Groupon Mania in Manila! (Part 3)
Before launching the new site, we have a couple of last hurrahs left on this one. For now, we’ll talk about groupons (again). Since late last year, we’ve featured some of the more popular ones on this blog (read part 1 here and part 2 here). Since then, groupon sites have come a long way.
Besides new sites popping up every once in a while, the newest trend in the groupon market is aggregators. Someone came up with the excellent idea of collating all the great deals from all the different groupon sites out there making life much easier for us deal mongers users.
Here are BaconTunaMelt‘s newest deal finds on the wide world of the Intarwebz-

1. CityPoynt
Facebook page:

As I understand it, CityPoynt has been around offering good deal after good deal for a while now. But I’ve only been aware of them a month or so ago when they offered a deal that I couldn’t resist. I signed up as soon as I could and have kept checking back for more.
Their web design and simple and quite easy to navigate, which I personally think is an important factor in any site that involves online purchase.

Facebook page: is one of those groupon site aggregators I was talking about earlier in this post. It features deals from various groupon sites in Manila and lists them down in one handy page. The people behind are from Berlin, Germany but be assured that the deals listed on their page are legitimately offered in our motherland.

3. Pilipinas Best Buys
Facebook page:

Pilipinas Best Buys is one of the newer groupon sites I’ve stumbled upon. The site looks friendly with a very local flavor to it and they’re currently offering a roundtrip airfare ticket from Manila to New York at 50% off. It looks to be a great deal to me, even after reading the fine print (and that’s saying something). PBB is a groupon site worth checking out.

4. All Deals Asia
Facebook page:

All Deals Asia is another groupon site aggregator featuring deals from different Manila groupon sites. I haven’t tried buying form them yet but they have a cute Sherlock Holmes-y icon that I’ve grown fond of (I’m shallow liek that). They also feature deals from Singapore, Hongkong, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia which can be easily filtered out and could be useful (for frequent Asia travelers).
And there you have it, that’s my groupon haul for the day. I hope you guys find them useful (please do tell us your groupon stories in the comments). Also, please watch out for the launch of the new BaconTunaMelt site. Soon, I promise!

Not an Update
Gaiz, I’m really sorry there have been no updates lately. My excuse is that I’m currently developing a whole new BaconTunaMelt look, to be hosted on a paid server. I thought to save the new posts for when the layout is done. But so far, check out what I’ve got- (this is the temporary address while under construction). So basically, I got nothing yet.

I’m hopeless at WordPress blog customization. it’s taking longer than I thought it would and I’m kind of stuck in a rut. Any kind designers who want to help me out? I already have something in mind, but I don’t know how to implement it. I will pay you with endless gratitude (okay, I’ll toss in some cash).

In the meantime, check out the photos on our Flickr page. We’ll be updating that with new nompics in a short while. And please watch out for the new site!

Had a KFC Fix, Thanks to My Weekend in Bordeaux
A couple of weekends ago (okay, if we’re being honest, it was a month or so ago), I had to fly to Bordeaux city for a work-related requirement. Besides a work trip, it also doubled as a vacation of sorts. Some officemates are currently based in the city and because of them, I was able to go and see the pretty sights of the city (some photos here).
Mesmerized by this sight (more for the Col. Sanders sign than anything else)
And then of course, after all the walking (it’s big here in France), we needed to take a pitstop. My friends new exactly where to take me- KFC.
I know, I know. It’s not exactly a five star restaurant, not even close. But KFC is near and dear to my heart. If I have a fling with Manang’s Chicken, I have a full-blown love affair (sorry, babe) with KFC. My heart goes thump-a-thumpin’ for the fried chicken recipe perfected decades ago by Colonel Sanders himself (who wasn’t really a colonel, but that’s another story).
Drooling right now.
In Lyon, where I’m based, the nearest KFC is in another town (in Bron), which is more than an hour’s commute away. Not having my mistress close by is heartbreaking so I was ecstatic more than glad to be FINALLY having KFC’s finger-lickin’ good fried chicken in Bordeaux.
They had long lines too (it felt just like home).
A bucket of 8 chicken pieces, 8 hot wings, 8 crispy tenders, 4 side dishes, and 4 bottomless drinks is priced at 20 euros (about Php1,816). It’s a lot more expensive than our KFC buckets, but compared to other restaurants, this deal isn’t too bad. The set is more than enough for four (hungry cows).
I am happy to report that France’s KFC chicken is as crispy, tasty, and juicy (and unhealthy) as it is back home. But they don’t have gravy nor rice. Boo.