Had a KFC Fix, Thanks to My Weekend in Bordeaux

A couple of weekends ago (okay, if we’re being honest, it was a month or so ago), I had to fly to Bordeaux city for a work-related requirement. Besides a work trip, it also doubled as a vacation of sorts. Some officemates are currently based in the city and because of them, I was able to go and see the pretty sights of the city (some photos here).
Mesmerized by this sight (more for the Col. Sanders sign than anything else)
And then of course, after all the walking (it’s big here in France), we needed to take a pitstop. My friends new exactly where to take me- KFC.
I know, I know. It’s not exactly a five star restaurant, not even close. But KFC is near and dear to my heart. If I have a fling with Manang’s Chicken, I have a full-blown love affair (sorry, babe) with KFC. My heart goes thump-a-thumpin’ for the fried chicken recipe perfected decades ago by Colonel Sanders himself (who wasn’t really a colonel, but that’s another story).
Drooling right now.
In Lyon, where I’m based, the nearest KFC is in another town (in Bron), which is more than an hour’s commute away. Not having my mistress close by is heartbreaking so I was ecstatic more than glad to be FINALLY having KFC’s finger-lickin’ good fried chicken in Bordeaux.
They had long lines too (it felt just like home).
A bucket of 8 chicken pieces, 8 hot wings, 8 crispy tenders, 4 side dishes, and 4 bottomless drinks is priced at 20 euros (about Php1,816). It’s a lot more expensive than our KFC buckets, but compared to other restaurants, this deal isn’t too bad. The set is more than enough for four (hungry cows).
I am happy to report that France’s KFC chicken is as crispy, tasty, and juicy (and unhealthy) as it is back home. But they don’t have gravy nor rice. Boo.

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  1. Lei

    Yay! Nakapag-KFC ka na rin! 🙂 Dito sa Melbourne hindi masarap yun KFC 🙁 Even yun sa Singapore mas masarap pa rin yun sa Pinas. I miss home 🙁


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