BaconTunaMelt: REBORN!

This post has been long overdue but now, today, FINALLY, the new BaconTunaMelt is officially up!

After months of procrastination hard work, we have finally implemented this new simplistic blog design which features a lot of whites, highlighted by various shades of orange.

Today’s screenshot!

As you can see, we did a non too drastic reboot of the site (we’re not DC). From Blogger, BaconTunaMelt now uses WordPress and is hosted on Hostgator (fenkew for letting us squat, GeekOut guys).  Although we changed the look, the content will remain the same, we’ll still be yakking about gastronomic adventures from anywhere and everywhere the best way we know how.

So far, we’re liking the changes (but hey, we’re biased). We’d appreciate your feedback about the new design. Tell us if you think the font is unreadable or if the colors are horrendous, we won’t take it against you (okay, maybe we will a little).

Also, there are too many exclamation points on this post but we don’t care, we’re just excited that BaconTunaMelt is back, reborn, rebooted, and as always, raring to nom!


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  1. bacontunamelt Author

    @Bim: Naw, I don’t think so. It’s just two different styles.

    @Slangards: Thanks for the compliment. It really means a lot. 🙂


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