Sweet, Sweet Youth

In celebration of World Youth Day, we thought it would be nice to go down memory lane (and relive my youth) for the duration of this post. Let’s look back on those days when the biggest of worries was homework (or whether you have enough allowance to buy gummy bears for recess).

I compiled a list of my favorite candies from when I was a kid. If you were born in the 80’s (fine, maybe even in early 90’s) you probably enjoyed the same teeth knockers as I did. Do you remember these?

The classic King’s Chocnut-

Photo from my Choc*Nut vs Hany post

Who wasn’t addicted to this as a kid, raise your hands? I didn’t think so. If you grew up in the Philippines, you’d surely have tried the chocnut. Actually, if you’re normal (like me), you’d have eaten hundreds of this little peanuty bar. (If you’re not from the Philippines and you love peanut butter, you have got to get yourself one of these.)

Photo by Special on Flickr

Trolli’s Sour Brite Crawlers-

These were my absolute favorite sweet treat when I was a kid. I liked regular gummy bears (or worms), I’d even eat the occasional gummy fangs or gummy sharks but sour gummy worms are by far, the best gummy candies in the world! No kidding. I used to rush to the school canteen for recess just to get me a small bag of these sour treats (only 20 pesos back in the day).

Haw Flakes-

Photo from here

Haters gonna hate, but as a kid,ย  my friends and I used to practice the Holy Communion with these little red round candies. These were sold in most sari-sari stores for cheap. Perfect for a kid on a budget. Up until now, I still don’t know what Haw Flakes are made of (but I eat them anyway).

Photo from here


Wonka’s Runts

Because imported candies like Willy Wonka’s Runts were expensive for a kid (around 30 bucks a pop), these hard candies used to be special treats for me. I’d get this as a reward when I’d get a perfect score on a quiz or something like that. I loved that it was a mix of fruit shaped candies that actually tasted like fruits (sweet, candied versions of them anyway).

and last in this sweets list is..

Choki Choki

Photo from here

These are nothing but chocolate syrup squeezed in a tube-like shaped piece of plastic. But no matter, these sold like hotcakes in the 90’s. For a pretty long period of time, I remember buying these from a classmate at 1 peso a piece. Everyone in class would get their supply from this entrepreneurial classmate and the teacher after recess would be annoyed that we’d all have this chocolate tubes (?) on our faces.


These were my favorite candies as a kid. What were yours?

*BTW, I checked and I’m still considered as “youth” (hooray!).


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  1. J P Hays

    Sadly, being an American, the only ones I have had as a kid were the Runts, and generic sour gummi worms. In recent years, though, I have had haw flakes (they are actually made from Chinese hawthorn fruits) and Choc-Nut. They are quite good, and, even though they are a tad expensive, I like to get them from time to time.

  2. bacontunamelt Author

    @Bim: Giant Choki Choki sounds like a brilliant idea. Really.

    @JP Hays: It’s amazing that you’ve tried Haw Flakes and Choc*nut. Funny, in the PI, Runts and Gummy worms are the expensive ones from the list. ^_^


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