Gotcha, Nutella & Go!

My Sundays are pretty boring. I wake up around nine-ish to catch up on sleep. When I’m more or less aware of my surroundings, I rush to the grocery to grab supplies for the week. Then I go home, sort my stuff, watch a few movies, and prolong the weekend as much as I can.

Today was going to be a typical Sunday until I saw these babies on the shelves of Carrefour this morning-

Yes, they were glittering when I saw them (in my eyes at least). I saw a random picture of these on Flickr a few months ago. Since then, because I heard they’re big in Europe, I’ve been spying on the snacks aisle of every supermarket I visit. As soon as I spotted them on the shelves this morning, I hoarded three packs (out of the available four) to stock up.

You may be wondering what these are and why I’m making this big a fuss. You see, Nutella & Go! is heaven sent snack cup in the form of pretzel sticks and a Nutella dip. Similar to the local Yan-Yan, you get bite-sized biscuits and some chocolate to dip it in. The difference with this one is that you don’t get just any chocolate, you dip your biscuits in Ferrero’s scrumptious hazelnut spread, Nutella.

As expected, it’s fan-frickin’-tastic. Instead of Nutella on bread, or Nutella on biscuit, you get to enjoy the same delicious spread on neat little pretzel sticks. The packaging is also very handy for both kids and adults, it would be great to bring these on out of town trips for a quick and (relatively) healthy snack. What I kind of wish it also had are those cute animal drawings on the Yan-Yan pretzel sticks.

A 2-pack, er, pack costs  €2.58 from the nearest grocery (around Php150). For orders and reservations, you can comment here or email me, I’ll be back home in November. (KIDDING ONLY!)


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  1. J P Hays

    Oh, those wacky Europeans… Always getting stuff Americans never get… like convenient Nutella packs…

    *sobbing bitterly while munching on a Nutella sandwich*

  2. Kate

    I almost fell for the orders and reservation part! hahaha gaah, i just stumbled upon your blog today, as i was searching for good reviews on Malcolm’s burger. and guess what, i am totally in love with your blog. It’s like my brain is in sync with this! haha and your posts really cracks me up (can’t stop laughing even tho i may look like a crazy person here in the office). I am such a nutella fan! i even hoard the little ones (like the butter that comes with the pancakes in McDo) that i find in MERCURY DRUGSTORE. anyway, i just wanna say, i am now officially a fan of yours. kudos to you and your blog. alaveeet!

  3. MG

    When I saw them on your blog, I’ve been wanting to try them and finally today, I was able to! 🙂 My niece and I love Nutella so yeah I must agree that these Nutella & GO! are heaven sent snack cup 🙂 Got them locally from http://funchomp.com and they sell them for around Php200. It’s a bit expensive for a snack pack but it was all worth it to try and when I checked amazon and eBay, they sell them for $6! Imagine how much it would cost to order from US or Europe. Anway just sharing, I enjoy reading your blog 🙂


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