[POLL] HALPZ, there are warts on my ‘taters!

For the first time ever on BaconTunaMelt, we’ll be running a poll. What for, you say? It’s because I found these.. things in my fridge. It is what the title says it is, I’m afraid. I have potatoes with warts on them. And I’m not entirely sure what to make of them. So, I want your valued opinions.

It seems that potatoes, not unlike humans, can develop unsightly warts on their once smooth and clear skin after a certain period of time.  Similar to my previous report about the anomaly that happens to peaches, the potato warts phenomenon occurred after leaving a bunch of them chilling in the fridge for far too long (I should make a whole new category for this, lulz).

Sad Tater

Realistically, they’re probably not called potato warts, but that’s exactly what they look like (to me, at least). Can anyone explain what happened to these bunch potatoes? Besides the growths on the skins that bear a similiarity to the Wicked Witch from Snow White, these sad taters seem to still be in tip top form- flesh tough, skin smooth (ish). What do you think? Are these still edible? Answer the poll below to help me decide what to do with them.

Are these potatoes still safe to eat?

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  1. Sheila

    I’ve seen those on the potatoes we have kept for a while. I think those “warts” become the shoots or roots for the new potato plant. Anyway, I remove them when I peel the potato.
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  2. J P Hays

    I forgot to mention this in my first post (sorry!), but you really SHOULD cut out the eyes (or warts). Potatoes are part of the Nightshade family (Yum, poison!), and, while the potato itself is fine and not-poison, there is a large buildup of the toxins within said eyes/warts.


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