Rome at Night and the BESTEST gelato ever – Rome Diaries (3 of 3)

Ohai all! It’s been long overdue but here it is, this post shall be the third and final post for the 3-part Rome Diaries series. Our last night in Rome turned out to be the icing on the cake that was the entire Rome trip. Armed with a map and comfortable shoes (“We learned the hard way.” -Mel’s tootsies), we toured and drank in the picturesque sights of the city. It seemed that no one could take bad photos, all angles were just beautiful.

Rome is even more beautiful at night. (Clockwise from top-left: St. Peter's Basilica, Bernini's Fountain of Four Rivers, Castel Sant'Angelo)

The city is gorgeous during daytime, but it is magnificent at night. Thanks to Father Par,  the very welcoming, kind, and jovial head of the Augustinian order in Rome, our small group had an extra special tour of the city at night. He took us to the places we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to find while dishing out information about them that very few people know of (Did you know that they marked the spot in the Vatican where Pope John Paul II was shot with a piece of porphyry rock?).

The Old Bridge Gelateria is where Rome's men of cloth get their gelato fix. And us too.

Part of the very special night tour of the city, Father Par also brought us to the BESTEST gelateria in town- the Old Bridge Gelateria.  Located near the Vatican walls, this little gelateria has become a frequent stop for many Rome residents, including religious folk. When we got there, it was amusing to see a group gathered outside the small stall, getting their gelato fix, just like we were about to.


My camera battery was nearly out of juice by the time we got our ice cream cups (the day was spent taking snaps of everything!) but I knew I had to take a photo of the best gelato ever. This cup of melt-in-your-mouth pistachio and double dark chocolate gelato from Old Bridge Gelateria is the best I’ve ever had, bar none. It’s creamy without being too rich, it’s soft without being too sloshy, it’s tasty without being too sweet. It was really, really, really good. If you’re planning a trip to Rome any time soon, you have to find your way to this place. Having a nightcap of gelato ice cream from the Old Bridge Gelateria was the perfect end to our Rome trip.

For taking us around the city, sharing insider information, introducing us to the best gelato ever, and for your kindness-Thank you, Father Par!

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