The Cast of Sarap At Home

So much nomz to cook, so little time! There should be more local shows like GMA News TV’s Sarap At Home. I cannot believe it’s been running for four seasons and I’m just hearing about the show. They feature dishes that are easy to cook but nonetheless derrishuz.

Thanks to Lianne of BuhayKuneho who kindly attended the launch of the fourth season for us a few weeks ago, we get an up close and personal look at how the Sarap At Home cast get it done. Here’s an excerpt-

GMA News TV (Channel 11 on your tv) has launched the newest season of Sarap at Home, an innovative show that combines the appeal of a fun sitcom and a cooking demo. Aired daily, it is one of the most successful Pinoy food-oriented shows, and is now on its fourth season.

Click on this to read the full review on BuhayKuneho.

Besides the quirky Sam Oh who is the main host (who says cooking can’t be fashionable?), the awesome Ramon Bautista, the hunky Fabio Ide (doesn’t that name just scream hot?), and the very pretty Jackie Rice make up a fun and quirky cooking show cast.


That Persian Resto Near The Badminton Place

That’s really how I remember it. Upon further research, that Persian resto is called World Class Persian Kabab and that badminton place is called Metro badminton along Pioneer street in Mandaluyong City. It’s been months since I was there last but I just had to share this little restaurant with a mouth-watering selection of Mediterranean nomz.

A hole-in-the-wall resto serving Persian nomz

After sweating it out playing badminton one weekend, Bim‘s sister brought us to World Class Persian Kabab to regain all the calories we burned off have a filling dinner. They serve authentic biryani, homous, kabab, shawarma, pita bread, and they even have ox brain and ox tongue among other Persian dishes. Their menu is similar to that of Andanita Taj’s in Tagaytay, the difference is that they’re closer to home.

Pita bread (p10), Chicken Biryani (p130) with curry sauce and a side salad, Beef Shawarma with Rice (p85), Fruit shakes (p45)

Everything was fantastic. I won’t elaborate on each one because they’re all good down to the fruity fruit shakes. It’s all the goodness of Persian nomz at very reasonable prices! They’ve become so popular that they now have a couple more branches, I heard that one of them is along Tomas Morato in Quezon City (you lucky Northerners).

Just because Persia is now no longer doesn’t mean the cuisine goes with it. Quick question: If Persia is now Iran, then why don’t we call the nomz Iranian? No matter the reason, this Persian resto near that badminton place is a hole-in-the-wall diner that I’m glad to have found.

World Class Persian Kabab
Location: Pioneer St., Mandaluyong (near Metro Badminton)

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Dreaming of Begukang Babi

I just had myself some fastfood nomz for dinner and in between bites, I couldn’t help but indulge myself with a little daydream. It started with a thought. “If I were back home in Manila, dinner would mean rice and ulam (viand) instead of greasy burger, lard fries, and sugar soda.” And then I went on to imagine a plateful of begukang babi, steaming white rice, with a banana on the side.

Yes, ladies like her also daydream with a nuninuninoo, albeit in fancy script.

Sadly, this isn’t a recipe post, it’s more of a mom-please-cook-this-for-me-when-I-come-home-post. This begukang babi I’ve been daydreaming about is the Kapampangan version of binagoongang baboy, or in English, pork with shrimp paste (the combo might sound weird to non Pinoys, but it’s nommy, I swear.).

It looks like this-

Homemade Begukang Babi

Unlike most binagoongan dishes in Manila, the Kapampangan version is more orange than pink, slightly sweeter, and is usually served with either sliced mangoes or bananas on the side. My Manila friends usually think it weird when they first see orange binagoongan with bananas or mangoes on white rice but as soon as they take their first bite, they wonder why they haven’t been doing it all along.

*Photo of lady nuninuninoo-ing and pink background ganked from the Internet, credits to original owners. We just tweaked it to our liking. ^^,