Because of Bocuse – (Hopefully) a Series

After living in Lyon for nearly a year, I’m all set to fly back home to Manila in about 30 hours (yay!). It’s been a good learning experience, mishaps and all, but overall it was fun. That’s what really matters in the end, after all. Anyway, dramz aside, I’m actually to tell you all about what is hopefully the beginning of another series here on BaconTunaMelt. You see, my colleagues in Lyon gave me a book called Bocuse in Your Kitchen. It is a recipe book of French nomz by world-renowned nouvelle cuisine chef Paul Bocuse.

That's Paul Bocuse on the bottom-right corner photo

Paul Bocuse, who is from Lyon, has contributed largely to French gastronomy. His restaurants are all over the city, one of which has received the rare 3 star rating by the Michelin Guide (link to his restaurants here, it’s in French but you have Internet, so use Google Translate). He is also considered as an ambassador of French cuisine, for promoting and sharing the French way of cooking to the world. Students from all over the world who have trained at the Institut Paul Bocuse have become master chefs as well.

The book has dedications from officemates! D'awwwwwshucks.

The book includes hundreds of French recipes that I hope to replicate one day. In line with this, I declare on this post, that sometime during the course of the next few months, BaconTunaMelt will be filled with  successful executions of recipes from this book. We’ll try to keep the kitchen disasters down to a minimum (hopefully!) and try to make fabulous French nomz in Manila.


Too Bad I Missed Best Food Foward 2012

When we got invites to this year’s Best Food Forward event, I was very thrilled. Why? Well, it’s a weekend-long summer food festival celebration at NBC tent that presents nomz of all kinds, that’s why. It’s my kind of party (this whole blog is like a ThisIsWhyImFat spinoff). It was just too bad that I didn’t get back to Manila on time to have been able to go. However, our friends from BuhayKuneho went to the special bloggers’ sneak peek session and had a fantabulous time (I JELLY!). Here are a few highlights-

  • There were tsokolate cupcakes from ChocoATBP (this seriously sounds like heaven to me).
  • There was Manang’s Chicken (still the best fried chicken in the whole damn galaxy), and
  • Carlo’s Kitchen thought to double the sin called liempo, by deep frying it.
Hello, death.

These are only the highlights, you guys. There were more goodies and nomfinds on the actual event. Read the full mouth-watering post from BuhayKuneho on this link.

*photo credits belong to Lianne of BuhayKuneho. Thank you, dear! <3