Enroll at Global Academy and cook for me, please?

Boys and girls, if you want to build a career in the culinary arts or you simply want to learn the ins and outs of a kitchen (because you’re afraid of setting the house on fire *ahem*), Global Academy may have just the thing for you.

The setup in Mercator Centale, free sweets and free fans!

In all honesty, I almost feel guilty for writing about this just now because it has been some Saturdays ago when the students of Global Academy did a demo at Midnight Mercato (still my favorite night food market). Together with a lucky few who were there that night, we were able to see the soon-to-be pros at work and more importantly (to my grumbling tummy), to sample their masterful creations.

Chefs of the night (image ganked from the Global Culinary & Hospitality Academy Facebook page)

They started things off with the Parmesan Meatball Slider and Coleslaw with Walnuts and Chili Dressing. The meatballs are baked and then sandwiched inside a dinner roll and can be served elegantly on a platter. They gave us free samples (the best part!) to try and taste for ourselves. It’s a light burger that’s good to serve as an hors d’ oeuvre for a cocktail party, or as an appetizer before the main course, or actually, even as a simple afternoon snack while the coleslaw set off a tangy flavor to complement the meatballs. Recipe can be found here.

The Parmesan Meatball Slider

Next came the desserts. Now, I may be biased because dessert is my favorite part of ANY meal, but the desserts were just superb. They tarted walking us through the recipe for this choco surprise cupcake thing (Guess who wasn’t taking down notes and can’t find the recipe anywhere?). This sweet little thing had a surprise choco filling that did a whole lot of wonders to this cupcake. It was great but it doesn’t hold a candle to what she made next.

The Choco Surprise Cupcake (I don't remember the name, so I made one up)

The chef saved the Red Velvet Whoopie Pie for last. This red, bite-sized pie made of all things joyous and wondrous won many hearts that night, mine included. Although it looks like a macaron, it definitely isn’t one. It’s chewy instead of light, addictive and perfect, and did I mention addictive? We couldn’t stop ourselves from shamelessly begging asking for more. It was delish. Again, I can’t seem to find their recipe for this and would be eternally grateful to anyone who can point me to it.

The Red Velvet Whoopie Pie needs a whole lotta whoops.

Global Academy is a culinary school that offers a variety of courses that caters to foodies with different needs. Whether you’re a casual cook who loves gourmet dishes done right at home or an aspiring chef, eager to whip up one intricate dish after another, they have the course for you. For more detailed info on the available courses, check out their website- http://globalacademyph.com/. Enroll now, and then cook for me please.


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