Wala Kayo Sa Lolo Ko!

“Wala kayo sa lolo ko!” is a phrase often used to brag about the impressive (and sometimes less than impressive) feats of our own. For noms, we usually brag about our mom/wife/lola’s cooking. “My mom makes the best kare kare!”, “My wife makes the best sandwiches!”, “My lola makes the best champorado!” are exclamations usually uttered with a wistful smile (and a grumbling tummy). Your favorite home cooked meal surpasses the greatness of the best restaurants in the world simply because it comes with good memories of home.
Will/can provide proof if required.

It doesn’t have to stay within the family, it can also extend to your yaya’s specialty or even your neighbor’s Christmas fruitcake. For me, bragging goes as far as the village bakery’s goods, namely their soft and fluffy pandesal. Every morning, we get fresh from the oven pandesal that’s just melt in your mouth delicious. That is, if we wake up early enough, they’re usually gone before seven in the morning. They’re that good. Wala kayo sa village bakery pandesal namin!

How about you? What noms do you like bragging about?


Of Barbecues and Copyrights

Searching the web for a good tapa place near my office last week, I chanced upon an recent article from GMA News Online. It’s for the show called ‘Ang Pinaka’ where they collated the best restaurants that help address your late night or early morning hunger pangs. Link to GMA News TV article dated July 2012 here.

Ang Pinaka lists the best 24/7 restaurants in the Metro

Anyway, I went through the list and when I got to number 4 on the countdown, I noticed a pretty familiar photo.

Hey, I know you!

Not wanting to jump to any conclusions, I did a quick search of old posts. And, I was right. I did take that photo and used it for the BaconTunaMelt Yoo-hoo Bar-B-Que post from way back in 2010. Link to the BaconTunaMelt post here.

The resemblance! It's uncanny!

Sure, the pic is heavily editted, but that’s still obviously a BaconTunaMelt photo. And while this kind of thing is usual in the Internet world, common courtesy would dictate that you ask permission from the photo owner. If you’d ever have the need to use one of our crappy images, especially for an official article, please be nice and shoot me an email or something. I don’t bite and I’ll probably say yes anyway. 🙂


Brekky for Dindin at Milky & Sunny

Ever craved for a late night pancakes or cereals and had trouble finding a restaurant serving breakfast noms? Well, worry yourself no more! We have found the perfect place to have brekky for dindin (fyi, brekky = morning noms; dindin = nighttime noms). Where, you ask, is this magical place? It’s aptly called Milky & Sunny and can be found somewhere in Pasig (map and address at the end of the post).

I am inclined to sing the Sesame Street theme song when I read the name. Milky & Sunny (day, sweepin’ the clouds away.. WHAT?)

After the close DLSU-ADMU semi-final game last week (which we lost, sadly), the bunch of us who watched it needed a quick cheering up (not that we were too sad, but you know). We found ourselves in Milky & Sunny’s charming little nook in Kapitolyo that happily serves a bunch of brekky noms at night including my favorites: silogs, cereals, and pancakes.

Yes, the interior is mostly blue, but we don’t mind.

While the cozy place can’t be any bigger than 25 square meters, it did not feel cramped at all. The powder blue and white motif gave the room a cool and calm setting, while the cute decor and the colorful art pieces (which are actually for sale, and quite pricey) hanging on the walls added a friendly vibe. But the pretty interior means nothing if the noms suck. And I am happy to report that the noms at Milky & Sunny’s are (like Penny from Happy Endings says) a-mah-zing.

Here I present to you, my happy meal for that night, the mouthwatering Bacon, Rice and Egg meal! *ROWR*

Oh, another cool thing is that you can customize your meal/s by ordering extras. Besides your main ulam, you can add a slice (or ten) of SPAM, an extra egg, or even a few strips of bacon. All these wonderful options are available all day long (or until they close for the day). So, are you drooling already?

Here’s a link to Milky & Sunny’s menu: Menu 1 & Menu 2

It’s also good to note that the Milky & Sunny crew are both friendly and efficient. Also a plus is the availability of parking. They have a reserved area in front of the restaurant; and in case it’s full, you can usually find a free slot at the nearest street corner. These “little” conveniences make the experience more enjoyable.

Milky & Sunny’s
Address: East Capitol Drive, Barangay Kapitolyo, Pasig City, 1603, Metro Manila, Philippines
Contact info: Milky & Sunny’s Official Facebook Page

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