Wala Kayo Sa Lolo Ko!

“Wala kayo sa lolo ko!” is a phrase often used to brag about the impressive (and sometimes less than impressive) feats of our own. For noms, we usually brag about our mom/wife/lola’s cooking. “My mom makes the best kare kare!”, “My wife makes the best sandwiches!”, “My lola makes the best champorado!” are exclamations usually uttered with a wistful smile (and a grumbling tummy). Your favorite home cooked meal surpasses the greatness of the best restaurants in the world simply because it comes with good memories of home.
Will/can provide proof if required.

It doesn’t have to stay within the family, it can also extend to your yaya’s specialty or even your neighbor’s Christmas fruitcake. For me, bragging goes as far as the village bakery’s goods, namely their soft and fluffy pandesal. Every morning, we get fresh from the oven pandesal that’s just melt in your mouth delicious. That is, if we wake up early enough, they’re usually gone before seven in the morning. They’re that good. Wala kayo sa village bakery pandesal namin!

How about you? What noms do you like bragging about?


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