Chicken Charlie, Baby!

I’ve never been shy about admitting my addiction love for fried chicken. You know how some kids won’t eat anything unless it’s fried chicken? Well, I’m like that but older. This blog has an entire category about it, for heaven’s sake. I’m just happy that many seem to agree with me these days.


There are many new chicken joints catering to us who love (nomming) these winged creatures. You’ve got BonChon, Sunrise Buckets, my personal favorite Manang’s chicken, and now there’s Chicken Charlie. I have no backstory about this little chicken shop besides that it comes highly recommended by lifestyle blogger Lianne of BuhayKuneho.net (whose noms suggestions I trust fully, story soon).


Anyhoots, there came one night when I was in need of a quick fried chicken fix and since I was in the Fort area, I decided to drop by Chicken Charlie near Burgos Circle (do not be daunted, prices are nowhere near jaw-dropping). The short of it is that their fried chicken is addictive. The thin and crispy (and semi sweet) skin gives a nice flavor to the juicy meat inside. Once you get started, you’d keep wanting to stuff your face with it, I know I did.

Everything's so orange!

Their branch in Bonifacio Global City is a tiny restaurant located on the ground floor of Grand Hamptons Tower, 31st St. Cor. 1st Avenue with a cozy dining area and extra friendly staff. They deliver too!

Chicken Charlie
Official website: http://chickencharlie.com.ph/
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/chickencharliephilippines
Contact number/s: 804-2409/0922-5529229


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Mel is a developer by day, a couch potato by night, and a bacon lover at all times. She likes good noms, cute puppies, the color orange, and all things bacon. You may contact her at admin@bacontunamelt.com or anywhere via this blog.

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