What’s the fuss about J.Co Donuts?

In general, I think donuts are amazing. Don’t you think so? I mean, deep fried sweet dough embellished with all the flavors that you can think of? Who can say no to that? I know I can’t. Although all things deep fried are usually pretty darn good, doughnuts just hold a special place in my heart more than any other fried noms (except maybe chicken).

Krispy Kreme, Dunkin Donuts, and Cello’s are my top 3 donuteers (there may be no such word, but idc) in this country and I visit them every so often to get my donut fix. About a couple of weeks months ago, a challenger by the name of J.Co Donuts has come forth armed with their own doughnut masterpieces to claim the crown as the city’s donut supreme (hey, this could totally be the name of a new donut). All my social networking feeds were crazy full of post after post raving about this new kid on the donut block.

See that line? That's the non-rush hour traffic.

What could J.Co possibly offer that the other guys haven’t yet? The flavored donut craze ended more than a couple of years ago. We still like donuts, but we no longer line up for them like the world was running out of flour tomorrow. That is, until J.Co showed up and reawakened our desire to do that again.

I kid you not. The first time I found myself near one of their stores, there was a pretty sizeable crowd (about fifty droolers) that I decided to leave and find actual food first and come back to see if the crowds thin out after. This was on a regular week night at around 10pm (they close at midnight). By 11pm, the crowd was down to twenty so I braved the line and elbowed my way inside and drooled patiently.

This photo of the Al Capone needs a spotlight.

The true star and main staple of this donut shop is the Al Capone (I pronounce this as Al Caponee and will continue to do so no matter what any of you say). The signature light and fluffy J.Co donut is slathered with rich white chocolate and then showered with a handful of almond flakes. It’s a delightful little treat that only a few (stingy souls) can resist. It’s a classic.

Besides getting a box of the then available assorted the donuts to go (and fatten myself and my family with), I also got a J.Club Cheezy Rich. It had a mountain of thick grated cheese on top that was just a curious sight to see. What appeared to be a mountain of thick grated cheese on top of a donut was actually a mountain of thick grated cheese on top of a donut. It wasn’t bad, but it was weird.

J.Club Cheezy Rich

So why do people line up? What sets J.Co Donut donuts apart from the rest is their light and perfectly fried donut base. Their donuts are fluffy, fresh at all times, and not sickeningly sweet like some are. It doesn’t hurt that they have a wide variety of unique (and uniquely named) donuts to choose from that are usually more flavorful than your typical colored sweet icing.

For all those reasons, J.Co Donut is the country’s reigning donut supreme. At least until the next fad comes along. In the meantime, they need to quickly set up a branch in BGC because I heard that there are a number of donut freaks who frequent that area. (Stop looking at me!)

Christmas 2012 Countdown: 21 sleeps ’til Santa comes shimmying down our imaginary chimney tops!

*I truly apologize for the crappy photos. Sold my old cameras and rely solely on mobile device cameras for now. I shall attempt to remedy this soon.


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