A Sad Tale of My Frosting Woes

After a few years of randomly trying my hand in the kitchen and a few disasters later, I can now say that I am now less likely to burn the house down when working with food and also less prone to poisoning you with my kitchen “creations” (finally!), even going so far as to say that I can be somewhat useful in the kitchen.

There’s a “but” coming and you know it.

Lately, I’ve been on a cupcake making binge because of my handy-dandy BabyCakes maker. It is general knowledge to sweet-toothed people (me and everyone else) that a cupcake is not a cupcake without good frosting. While I can make cupcakes in a jiffy with my nifty little gadget, the frosting is something I have to make separately. Here begins the sad tale of my frosting woes.

Dilemma #1 – Not having an electric mixer. FIXED.

My search engine terms were “easiest frosting to make”, “make frosting without a mixer”, “quick frosting recipes” but most of the recipes require the use of the electric mixer. I was all set to give up (or buy myself a mixer) until I found a Martha Stewart recipe to make cream cheese frosting without a mixer. All I needed was some powdered sugar and cream cheese and voila, instant fantastic frosting! It took a couple of tries, but eventually, I was able to make a good enough batch.

I topped them on my red and green velvet Christmas Babycakes. Cute, y/y? Y! Nommy too.

Dilemma #2 – Buttercream ends up grainy. FIXED.

Eventually, I got an electric mixer (as a gift, thankyew!). I was excited to take my frosting prowess to the next level (lolwatevs). After scouring the net for other easy frosting recipes, I found one to make simple buttercream. Unsalted butter, powdered sugar, and vanilla essence were the essential ingredients. Whipping them up in mah brand-spankin’ new mixer, I thought I wouldn’t have any trouble with it. My first batch ended up sandy that it was kind of gross to eat. A few teaspoons of milk and a longer whipping time was all it needed, and I quickly mastered this easy frosting.

Vanilla Babycakes with vanilla buttercream frosting on top, and Lemon Babycakes with lemon buttercream frosting on the bottom pic. Both nom!

Dilemma #3 – French/Italian/Swiss Meringue seems impossible to make. NOT FIXED, GIVING UP ON LIFE.

I keed of course. While I am not giving up on life, I am just about ready to give up on making this frosting. I tried cleaning all the utensils I’d be using with lemon juice to ensure that there are no traces of grease left, which seems to be the common culprit of non-rising meringue frosting, I tried boiling the sugar to the soft-ball stage and pouring it while whipping egg whites, I tried bain-marie method of whisking the egg whites and sugar until warm and then whipping it until they’re firm. All of them ended in a disaster. My meringue frosting looks like sea foam (or soap suds, whichever is grosser) on cake after a few hours. See?

Clockwise from left: Runny first try, marshmallow-y but melted quickly into a goopy mess, gorgeous looking after decorating, and the icky-foamy consistency after a few hours of looking beautiful. UGH!

Yes, I am now (sort of) useful in the kitchen, but not when it comes to cupcake frosting. School me?


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