Chicken Charlie and Virlanie Foundation Welcome 2013 Together

Last Saturday, the kids of Virlanie Foundation celebrated the new year with a bang. The amazing people behind Chicken Charlie held an uplifting new year party at the foundation’s official headquarters in Makati. Thanks to the tireless efforts of organizer Lianne from BuhayKuneho, a group of bloggers were also invited to join in on the fun and spend the day with the energetic kids of the foundation.

The choir of Virlanie Foundation serenading everyone with song.

The event started in the early afternoon, with Janelle, the super energetic communications associate of the foundation, briefing the bloggers of the plight of the children that they care for, discussing Virlanie Foundation’s current “Rice Up!” campaign (talked about this in a separate post in this blog), and introducing the bloggers to Mr. Dominique Lemay, the kindly founder of Virlanie Foundation. Then it was time to have fun with the kids. ๐Ÿ™‚

The bloggers getting briefed by Janelle, a photo op with Virlanie Foundation's president Mr. Dominique Lemay, and organizer Lianne of BuhayKuneho.net wishing for a platform to stand on. :P

Before the party officially started, the Virlanie Foundation choir (they’re the ones in the cute superimposed caps in the picture below) serenaded everyone with a couple of songs, including an enchanting rendition of the local melody Leron Leron Sinta which was really cute. Beeteedub, you can invite them for events and stuff.

And then we were all treated to a nomsfest of Chicken Charlie noms! Boy, was my mouth watering when I saw the golden freshly fried chicken goodness, remember when I gushed about the chicken of Chicken Charlie (I know, I know, kids first!)? All the kids (and later on, the adults also) got to enjoy a warm Chicken Charlie meal and treated to sweet cupcake treats from Sweet Mamita.

Thanks to Chicken Charlie (, their staff,) and Sweet Mamita, the Virlanie Foundation kids were treated to a fun new year bash. *caps and sunglasses added for coolness, and also to protect the identities of the kids.

The kids of Virlanie Foundation are a fun and rowdy bunch (in a good way). Listening to them joke around with each other and everyone else, you’d think them to be just like any other kid- innocent, carefree, and without a problem in the world. Knowing that they have been subjected to darker situations at young ages, there are probably days that are better than others. Seeing them enjoying life like normal kids and having an optimistic outlook is admirable, and a testament to the good work of the people of Virlanie Foundation.

Janelle modeling the Virlanie Foundation hand-painted shirts (I wanted a design like hers but they're only for volunteers). Want one for yourself? Check out their

The staff of Virlanie Foundation makes it easy for us to share what we can give, there are a number of ways that you can help and they’re all listed in their How You Can Help page. Like always, every little bit counts. Share a few minutes of your time, give whatever you can, or even train the older kids for your business. You can also buy their products– they sell hand-painted shirts, recycled bags, and a bunch of eco-friendly jewelry. They’re all very affordable and cute too! Happy new year, everyone!

PS: Virlanie Foundation Philippines founder Dominique Lemay’s blogs too! Follow him on http://virlaniekuyadom.blogspot.com/


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