Dine with Superheroes at Heroes By MaxiCollector

Today I tell you the story of how I spent an evening in the company of superheroes.

One cool night, my very own geek and I found ourselves in BHS looking for a good place to nom after the disaster that was Quiznos (story some other time) when we remembered a restaurant that caught our attention a while back. And although this is the part where I want to say we were whisked off to a different dimension where superheroes existed and they invited us over for dinner, that’s not how the night went. Still, what actually happened isn’t too bad a story.

Right in the heart of Bonifacio Global City sits a relatively obscure mecca for nerds, geeks, and fanboys of the superhero genre. Amidst the rows of posh restaurants and stores of Bonifacio High Street is Heroes by Maxicollector- a two for one restaurant cum museum (of sorts) that houses at least a hundred figures, busts, collectibles, and various geek merchandise that any geek will flail over for and a menu that, although limited, looks good enough to make anyone interested.

See what I mean about the geeks liking this place?

While waiting for the noms, we took a closer look at the figures on display. Shelves were full of mostly superhero dioramas (although there was an LOTR one!) depicting various scenes from movies or comics. Some of the merchandise are actually for sale, usually those with price tags on them. And a quick survey told me that the cheapest item there is the food. The most expensive one is a bust of The Thing, which goes for a cool hundred some thousand pesos. I’ll stop there, I’ll leave the details of the stuff on display over to the fine folks of GeekOut, they know what they’re talking about.

Here, we’ll focus on the noms (of course!). Since it was technically a second dinner, we ordered a couple of small meals to tide us over for the night. I got the Pork Barbecue from the appetizers section and Bim ordered the Heroes recommended Bacon Style Tapa.

Pork Barbecue (p95) and THE Bacon Style Tapa (p245)

Yes, I jealous when I saw the Bacon Style Tapa. Compared to it, my Pork Barbecue looked like an extra next to Tony Stark in an Iron Man movie. It wasn’t bad (kind of tasted like Reyes Barbecue barbecues) but the star of the night was the Bacon Style Tapa. You get a hearty plate of tapa strips fried to a crisp a la bacon served with two fried eggs and a full cup of java rice. I love bacon, I love tapa, I love having breakfast meals at any time of the day. It was a winning combination from wherever you look at it. Too bad, it wasn’t mine.

Instead of your typical sports channels, you can watch superhero movies while nomming. We were treated to a silent version of Thor, where we found out that you can hear Anthony Hopkins’ voice in your head without having to actually hear his voice (try it!). We thoroughly enjoyed the simple but nommy fare. The menu choices at Heroes are a bit limited, but you go there more for the novelty of nomming with various superheroes looking on. If you’re gonna bring kids though, try to make sure they keep their hands off the stuff, you wouldn’t want to have to shell out fifty grand for broken pieces of a Hulk bust.

I'm happy they have an LOTR shelf.

And that is how I spent one evening in the company of superheroes. How cool does that sound? If your answer is “no” or “not really” or “not at all” or any variation of said phrases, then I’m afraid we can never be friends.

Heroes by Maxicollector
Address: Building 6, Bonifacio High Street, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City
Contact #: 511-7327


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