Insider Sports Bar’s Giant Offers

I’ve been meaning to tell you about this little bar and resto before the holidays. You know, so you can bring your friends and/or families for (the million) Christmas get-togethers and whatnot. But as usual, the holiday rush bludgeoned my schedule to oblivion and this post has been pushed back to today. Right now, I’m thinking of giant slabs of succulent meat (yes, I often daydream of food) and it seems like the perfect time to talk about Team Insider and their giant offers.

Team Insider is a sports bar slash restaurant located on the ground floor of the relatively new Tunes hotel in Makati. I wouldn’t have ventured out to this area had it not been for Lianne of BuhayKuneho, who knows the ins and outs of this area.

Team Insider Philippines is a hidden gem.

A pool table and a dessert fridge (my kind of fridge) welcomes you into the bar and main dining area, both laden with flat screen TVs showing various sports channels. The area actually reminded me of National Sports Grill minus the crowd (and the pretense).

The menu offered a wide variety of noms from Filipino, Asian, American to Italian, and even some Mediterranean. More than just a sports bar, it is also a wholesome family place with menu choices for kids as well. They’re also one of the few restaurants that serve foreign beers at reasonable prices (hooray for alcohol!).

Nachos Acapulco (p250) aka the best nachos ever!

As an appetizer, we ordered the Nachos Acapulco- a medley of nacho chips, lettuce, beans, ground beef, and salsa in one glorious bowl. Obviously, I was head over heels for it. It was the beans that really made a difference and kind of made it seem like chili con carne nachos more than anything else (from now on, I will judge nachos without beans).

For our entree, four of us decided to share the Giant Pork Ribs. What seemed like half a a pig’s back was served in a huge platter drizzled with barbecue sauce. We each quickly tore off a rib or two and chewed on our respective ribs like cavemen. It was goooooood (the more “o”s the better *nods*). The meat was tender and fell off the bone like good spareribs should. A small gripe is that the meat quickly became cold.

Giant Pork Spareribs (p499). Please use the spoon as the size reference.

The real star of Team Insider, however, is the Giant Pork Chops. This tried and tested dish is what you order if you’re real hungry, love pork, or are just plain gluttonous (sometimes I’m all three). This nomful giant slab of pork chops in mushroom gravy sauce is served on a platter together with a huge cupful of rice and a small side salad (you know, for health and stuff). It’s not your typical pork chop meal, it’s a reaaally big pork chop meal. Did I mention that it’s huge?

Giant Pork Chop (p240)

Team Insider is one of those restaurants that I’d visit many times over. My only (teeny tiny) complaint would be that some of the noms arrived a little less warm than I’d have liked but because the food was great (and HUGE!) and the prices are fair, the overall experience was superb.

Team Insider Sports Bar Philippines
Address: Ground Floor, Tunes Hotel, Mercado corner Calderon Sts, Poblacion, Makati City.
Website: http://www.insider.ph/sportsbar.html


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