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Bacon is to people like Justin Bieber is to tween girls and mothers. By that, I mean that we all generally love it (ie. Bacon, not the Biebs). And because we do, creative minds find ways to make it more.. interesting, shall we say. Like this one for example, aptly called the Baconosaurus.

Baconosaurus: It is a thing of beauty.

A creative fellow looking for something to bring to a friend’s potluck party thought to make a dinosaur shaped like thing covered in bacon. You did good, kindred spirit. Source here. The love for reptile-shaped bacon doesn’t end there, however. Recently, an eBay ad was put up selling what appears to be a strip of bacon oddly shaped like a magnificent dragon- thus called the Bacon Dragon.

At least he got the category right.

eBay seller aboadon from Phoenix, Arizona found a bacon in the shape of a dragon and decided to sell it for a whopping $1000. He says this legendary and one of a kind item hasn’t been manipulated in any way and would be perfect for your collection. This is assuming for some reason that you can resist to cook and eat it. Story here.

While we’re at it, I accidentally on-purpose stumbled upon a Facebook fan page of a religious group that call themselves Church of the Bacon Dragon. Perhaps they’d like to buy aboadon‘s eBay item.

These look nice and all but they don’t beat the heart-stopping and blood-pumping mutation of a Thanksgiving Turkey called the Thanksgiving Turbaconducken, which is totally edible and looks like something I’d like to kill myself with.

And that is it in the world of bacon for today. Tune again tomorrow (or perhaps another day) for more of these unusual bacon-related news.


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