Sushido’s Sushi Belt, In Retrospect

Last weekend, I had some really good Sukiyaki. Dunno if I was really hungry, but it smelled so good that I dug in as soon as the warm bowl arrived (I’m still sort of ashamed of my behavior). Anyway, that’s my cue to tell you that I started reminiscing about one cold night in Lyon when we ventured to a teeny Japanese restaurant called Sushido and stuffed our faces full with unlimited sushi.

Sushido's belt is a smorgasboard of Japanse nomz

We were craving for Japanese noms then so we researched for a restaurant within the city that offers a buffet within budget. Sushido fit the bill perfectly – it was within commuting distance, the noms are affordable enough, it has a good rating on TripAdvisor (it’s in French but we’ve got Google to the rescue), and they’ve got SUSHI.

Sushido is a tiny Japanese restaurant in Lyon that is run by a Chinese family (ironically) that features a sushi belt. Additionally, they limit buffet attendees to about 20-25 guests at a time. The restaurant gets quite full on Saturday nights, and you have to reserve beforehand to be assured of seats. For fear of running out of sushi for our hungry bellies (#thisiswhyimfat), we arrived a little too early. The restaurant had not opened for dinner yet so we used that time to alternately take pictures for posterity and peer inside like hungry little children.

Clockwise from left: The rotating sushi belt, Banana-Nutella sushi for dessert, and DJ - he wins the night for eating the most sushi (stack of empty plates not in picture). Sulit!

As soon as they let us in, we sat ourselves in a prime spot for getting all the noms and excitedly waited for the buffet to start. It started slowly, with the rotating belt offering various appetizers for the guests. And then came the entrees – plate after plate after plate of various sushi, sashimi, crabsticks, and yakiniku.

Of course, we had to try every dish we could. My favorites include the tuna-cream cheese combo (this melted my heart), the crabstick-avocado combo, and the plain old prawn sushi. The flow of entrees trickled down to a slow a couple of hours later, when most of the patrons looked like they couldn’t eat any more, and were replaced by desserts. Out came plates of sweetened fruits, sticky mochi, and a very weird Banana-Nutella sushi that only DJ (refer to picture) had the heart (and stomach) to try.

After that, we happily (and guiltily) went home with bellies full to bursting from all the carbs we just had. IMO, the Sushido buffet in Lyon is worth it at EUR 25 per person, specially if you love sushi (and I do). If you’re in France or somewhere close by, do pay Lyon a visit. Besides the noms (it is called the gastronomical capital of France), it is a lovely city.

Address: 169 Rue Cuvier 69006 Lyon, France
Social media: Sushido Lyon Facebook Page


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