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I have to start this by saying that I’m not a fan of milk tea. Actually, the idea of putting milk in tea is too weird. To me, the flavor of tea is too weak to need to be lightened by milk. But that’s just me. Everyone else loves it, the numerous milk tea shops that have sprouted all over the country is a testament to that. In an obscure building in Makati, far from the major hotspots frequented by the young ‘uns, the colorful sign of a new milk tea cafe called GoTea pops out at you, inviting you to go in. So I did.

The interior was a cute and bright little cafe area with a pink and green motif that just makes you feel cheered. It was just so happy and adorable inside the cafe without being girly at all (if ever I do open up a cafe, I’d hire their interior designer). Anyway, (what seemed to be) the owner was there that night, helping things along. He’s a Japanese (or maybe Korean, or Chinese) dude who can’t speak a lick of English or Filipino with a very J-pop look to him, beeteedubs. Not that the way he looks affect the noms at his cafe, of course.

GoTea Cafe

Speaking of the noms, they have a wide selection of milk tea flavors, just like other cafes. One of my favorite things about milk tea cafes is that you can choose how much sugar to put in your drink. I like sweet things but most of the time, 25% sugar is more than enough for me to be able to taste the actual flavor of the drink. GoTea has this option too, I ordered a small Milk Tea with Coffee Jelly with 25% sugar. It was milk tea but with coffee flavored jelly mixed in. I liked it a lot, considering that I’m not a big fan of these drinks. It was good, like a weak (not a bad thing), not overly sweet, and lighter version of a coffee jelly frappe from other more well known coffeeshops.

My milk tea buddy ordered one of their more popular flavors, the Wintermelon milk, also with 25% sugar. This drink does not have tea in it, it’s just flavored cold sweet milk. I personally like the unique taste of Wintermelon, it gives milk a tasty twist. To go with our drinks, we ordered one of their fairly priced crepes- the failsafe Fresh Mango Crepe. Not only did it not fail, it surprised us by being really good. I’ve had many a crepe in this city that tasted like crap. Unlike those that suck, GoTea’s Fresh Mango Crepe is a delightful little number. The mangoes were sweet and fresh, the crepe was thin and moist, the mango ice cream topping was creamy, and more importantly, the caramel syrup complemented all the other flavors and did not erase the taste of mango.

Milk Tea with Coffee Jelly (S, p65), Wintermelon Milk (M, p75), Fresh Mango Crepe (p140)

It was a nommy nightcap. But that’s not all there is at GoTea, besides dessert noms, they also offer main courses on their menu. They have an eclectic mix in the list with dimsum, pasta, and rice meals too, all offered in their cute little cafe. I have yet to try one of those but judging from their desserts, I bet I’d be sold and would be gushing about them all over Instagram.

Probably the only downside to GoTea is it’s inaccessibility. Their location is not a place that many milk tea lovers go to. They are located at AGS Plaza along Washington street in Makati, near Dela Rosa. For more directional details and pictures of noms, here’s their Foursquare checkin link. The cafe is relatively near The Collective in Makati, perhaps you can drop by this little milk tea shop after after a night out (they’re open pretty late, but I’m not sure how late). Oh, I also feel it important to note that there is free parking available in front of the cafe and next to it is a 7-11.

BTM Rating: For good noms and tasty drinks, GoTea Milk Tea Cafe gets 4 out of 5 bacon strips. Highly recommended!


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