Bananas For Banapple!

‘Sif the title hasn’t given it away yet, but I’m here to let y’all know that Banapple is my new favorite restaurant. I know, I know, it’s been around for a while, but the hype discouraged me from going back as much as I wanted to. The few times I went to Ayala Triangle Garden to try and secure seats in their teeny restaurant, the waiting time was just too long that I usually just give up and moved restos (usually to Kanin Klub <3 [it is a travesty that I haven’t written about it, but that’s another story]).

Enter Banapple Market! Market! branch. When I got wind of the news that they finally have a branch in Market! Market!, I was honestly not excited. Although I work near the area, BGC is home to a gabajillion restaurants. Depending on your taste and budget, you can find an eatery that’s right for you quite easily. Adding Banapple to that list was nice, but meh.

Chicken Breast Parmigiano and Hickory Smoked Barbecued Country Ribs

That was before I went to the mall and was lured by the cute and colorful Banapple logo. There was no line that fateful night, and I got all omgwtfbbq (translation: I got excited). Like all Banapple branches, the interior in the Market! Market! branch is a super cute, happy mix of pastels and all things girly, quite reminiscent of Pushing Daisies (that quirky TV show that got the boot all too soon). We were quickly seated to a table, handed menus, and told that orders had to be made by falling in line at the counter, fast food style. While this can be turn off for some, it didn’t bother me at all because their staff is pleasant, efficient and capable.

Banapple's House Salad (my favorite!), Asian Sunshine Salad, and Super Caesar Salad

As soon as you’ve ordered, you’re given a number to hang on your apple-shaped table hanger (?). A few minutes later, your orders are served to you prettily plated and piping hot. Let’s start talking about the noms. For appetizers, there are three salad choices. Now everyone abuses the term “love”, but I can honestly say that I love all Banapple salads. They’re just the right size (for me at least), with a healthy amount of toppings and a proportionate drizzling of salad dressing.  (DISCLAIMER: I did not order all three salads in one night.)

For the main entrees, they have a wide selection to choose from. They have a number of fish, chicken, pork, and beef dishes depending on your mood and taste for the night. All of which are served with a steaming cup of fried rice and a side of vegetables. The best part about it is that all the choices on the menu are within the p150-p200 range. I have been back several times in the past two weeks and I truly enjoyed everything I ordered (and those ordered by my companions, all of which I had a tiny bite of, hrhr).

Garlic Beef Tapa with Creamed Parsley Eggs, Hearty Heavenly Breakfast, and Item Banapple Beef and Sausage Stew.

They have all-day breakfast meals too, with local flavors such as tapa, tocino, and longganisa in the mix. They also have buttermilk pancakes <3, muffins, sweet loaves, brownies, and cookies for sale. Banapple is a restaurant, bakery, dessert place, and coffee shop all in one. If you’re not in it for the main meals, you can also just order coffee, frappes, shakes and cakes. Although for a place named after their desserts (Ban: Banofee Pie + Apple: Apple Caramel Crumble Pie), I liked their other offerings better. But I did love the Two-Nut Caramel Cheesecake (sry no pic, it was inhaled by yours truly before I remembered).

Banoffee Pie, Item Yo Ho Hope! Cheesecake, Apple Caramel Crumble Pie, Cappuccino.

Banapple deserves all the hype it had when it opened years ago until today. The ambiance is great, the service is excellent, the prices are fair, the choices are aplenty, the servings are huge, and most importantly, the noms are delicious.

Rating: For being absolutely fantastic, Banapple Pies and Cheesecakes gets 5 out of 5 bacons!

Banapple Pies and Cheesecakes
Address: Market! Market!, McKinley Parkway Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
Contact details: banapple@banapplekitchen.com
Others: Official Banapple Website, menu (from MunchPunch)


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