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Here’s a confession- I’m cheap. It’s not that I don’t like shelling out money for good noms, it’s actually the opposite. What I don’t like is paying good monies for sucky noms. When trying out new nomsplaces, we sometimes end up getting our money’s worth, other times we get ripped off. It’s those times when I get good value for money do I get giddy like a ten-year-old girl seeing her crush wave hello. I’m always on the lookout for nommy but fairly inexpensive eateries out there.

Their restaurant name is a play on the saying "Come and get it!"

Kanin Get It! is one of such place. On our way home from Tagaytay one weekend, my family and I found ourselves near Nuvali. Away from the busy main building in Solenad, where the major stores and restaurants are at, is the building where Kanin Get It! is. Its happy yellow sign and bright interior is a welcome sight to the famished. We proceeded to get comfortable and looked at what they offer.

From the name alone, I had guessed they were offering unlimited rice on their meals. They don’t. Instead, majority of what’s on their menu are meals served with rice or viands that go perfectly with the steaming white grain that we Asians adore. The mostly Filipino selection includes silogs of all kinds, which made me a happy little ladybug.

Local dishes: Longsilog, Fried Chicken, Tapsilog, Tortang Talong

I ordered a Longsilog meal which was huge, hot, and homey- it warmed me up in all the right places. It also came with a side of coleslaw, as did most dry meals, which I appreciated. The serving was also rather large, I was hungry but I could only finish one of the huge longganisas on the plate.

The rest were alright. At the very least, they’re home-cooked meals without the hassle. Prepared and cooked for you then served to you, plus you don’t have to worry about the dirty dishes!

Foreign fare: Beef Salpicao, Chap Chae, Fish Fillet, Korean Barbecue

They also offer other Asian specialties, one of the the standouts is the Chap Chae- a Korean noodle dish that’s predominantly sesame oil flavored. It could easily have been a disaster, many highfalutin restaurants can’t get it right but Kanin Get It’s version was good. Really good in fact, if you factor in that it costs less than 100 bucks and the serving can be good enough for two.

Considering that Kanin Get It! serves mostly Filipino fare, the serving sizes are huge. Because of the big serving sizes, many of what we ordered were shared to each other. And most everything was only in the p75-p150 range. Sulit!

BaconTunaMelt Rating: For the hefty servings, affordable price, and good old good noms, Kanin Get It! gets a 4.5! Minus points for not having more branches (specifically in the metro).

Kanin Get It!

Address: Ground Flr, One Evotech Bldg, Solenad Nuvali (Santa Rosa-Tagaytay Rd), Sta. Rosa City, Laguna, Philippines
Kanin Get It! Foursquare Map


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