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Iloilo in a Box

It’s a hot, hot week! I really wish I meant that figuratively. If the sweltering heat in the last couple of days is any indication, we should bid goodbye to cool nights and breezy afternoons. Summertime is just around the corner, all ready and raring to go. Although I’m not a fan of 40 degree (celsius) weather, the one thing that I welcome about the start of summer is holidays (yea, baby!). Sunny weather is the perfect time to spend a few days to chillax, take beach trips, visit new places, burn monies, and eat delicious noms along the way.

Now is the time to plan those trips. I was browsing through flights (looking for cheap ones) and came across Iloilo. I got really excited, I’ve always wanted to take a weekend and just see what the city had to offer. There are no available cheap flights though, so that plan is scrapped for the meantime. I will just have to satiate my travel cravings by recounting my Iloilo loot from earlier this year.

Post-Christmas loot!

I got a boxful of Iloilo goodies from a secret Santa early this year. I’m not sure if it’s okay to disclose said person’s identity so I’m playing it safe and keeping mum. It’s all about the noms from this point on.

When my mom saw the Biscocho Haus logo on a big box, her eyes widened and asked if it was full of her favorite Iloilo treat, barquillos. It wasn’t just barquillos, the box was filled to the brim with a number of delicious Iloilo goodies- there were Bañadas (or giant pasencias as I like calling them), packs of the unparalleled barquillos, Iloilo’s signature buttery biscocho biscuits, to-die-for butterscotch bars, thin and crisp galletas, and sweet piayas.

No need to take a trip to Iloilo!

We had no hope of finishing them all before they went bad (there are only 3 of us) so we brought them on a weekend outing with the rest of the family and they were all a hit! The top three family favorites (which also happen to be my personal favorites) are the Biscocho Haus’ Barquillos, BongBong’s Special Ube Piaya, and Biscocho Haus’ Butterscotch, not necessarily in that order.

Biscocho Haus

These elongated, cylindrical wafer sticks have been perfected by Biscocho Haus through the years and nothing comes close. Many try to imitate them but the others come up short. Biscocho Haus Barquillos are still unparalleled. They’re great to pair with ice cream or just as it is. They’re sweet enough to be a treat yet light enough to be considered healthy (ish).


This variant of a piaya is new (to me at least). The gooey ube filling inside a thin, flaky piaya crust combo is made of many wins. It’s not too sweet and not too heavy, it just hit the right spot with me. I think I ate three pieces in succession (then wanted to hoard the rest of it). Thanks BongBong, for making this piaya flavor possible.

Biscocho Haus

Now I saved this for last because it deserves super special mention. Actually, these little squares of heaven deserve more than special mention, they deserve applause and much adulation. If you haven’t tried one yet, you need to know that one bite is enough to make you a lifetime fan. It’s soooo good. A small square bar of butterscotch is like a chewy caramel brownie that gives your mouth an intense nomsgasm after a single, solitary bite. If you know the recipe, let it be known that I will beg for it.

While all were nommy, it was these three that didn’t make it past the first hour of that family trip. There’s no need to go to Iloilo no mo’, I already had a taste of Iloilo all in one box.


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