McDonald’s of the World: Barcelona’s McIberica Burger

Although a little late (ok, a lot late), we are to add another notch to this series, featuring the burgers over at Barcelona, Spain. Barcelona is a beautiful city known for gorgeous and eclectic architecture by Antoni Gaudi, the most famous one being the Familia Sagrada. For the sports fans, it’s probably more known as the home of the FC Barcelona, one of the more prominent football leagues in the world.

Last year, I had the chance to visit the colorful city for a few days and as is the ritual for every country I visit, I ate at McDonalds. Who goes to Spain and eats at McDonalds instead of hoarding all the tasty Spanish noms? What kind of crazy does that? Me (and the people I drag along), of course.

McDonald's in Barcelona

Most of us had some leftover energy after a full (walking) day so we decided to stroll along the streets of the city and see where the night would lead us. We found ourselves visiting the Familia Sagrada (which is btw, even more gorgeous at night) and ending up hungry.

And like an oasis in the middle of the desert, the bright shining yellow ‘M’ of McDonalds invited us to fatten ourselves up with their juicy burgers and sinful fries. Totally ignoring our bodies screaming to eat healthier, we rushed right in and ordered promptly.


It wasn’t too difficult to understand the Spanish menu, Filipino, our national language is loosely based off it, after all. I, being the healthiest eater out of everyone else (WATEVSURFEZ), tried to look for the healthiest thing on the menu. I eventually decided on the McIberica with a side of fries and orange juice (HEALTHY!) and couldn’t have been happier.

The McIberica is a beef burger with jamon iberico, Manchego cheese, olive oil, lettuce and tomato on a toasted baguette type of a bun. Since I’m a fan of cured ham (cured anything for that matter), the delightful flavor of jamon iberico and manchego cheese on top of the juicy beef patty felt like a mind-blowing nomsgasm. Jamon Iberico is not a type of ham that’s easy (or cheap) to find outside Spain, the taste is somewhat similar to the more common Jamon Serrano. Manchego cheese is a relatively mild Spanish cheese that was quite pleasant (I was expecting it to be too strong). Yum!

Watch their ad for it, it’s all in Spanish, but try to see how much of it you understand. 🙂

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