McDonald’s of the World: Why, Saigon?

It was last year when I fell in love with Vietnam’s strong and fragrant coffee. I wrote a couple of blog posts about my trip to the hot city of Ho Chi Minh. As you might know (or not), it is BaconTunaMelt tradition to find the local McDonald’s in a new(ly visited) city. The hotel I stayed at was in the middle of the city, and I figured that I’d find it one of the major streets or something. I still hadn’t found it after the first couple of days so I thought to ask for help from the hotel staff.


Guess (or not, I’ll say it anyway) what I found out? There is no McDonald’s in ALL of Vietnam! Huh? I repeat, there is NO MCDONALD’S in Vietnam. Wooot?! Apparently, the people of Vietnam aren’t big fans of burgers and fries. They do have a local version of sorts called Lotteria. They have probably everything you can get in a McDonald’s. Except the clown.

It must be why the hotel receptionist had a waistline that could rival a child's.

Here’s the silver lining for fast food junkies, according to this article, McDonald’s is all set to open its first Vietnam branch in 2014! On that note, I leave you all with the fact that there is no Starbucks either (it’s probably because the Trung Nguyen coffeeshops will put their coffee to shame).

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