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Village Tavern Celebrates Its Anniversary In Style

Last week, Village Tavern celebrated its first year anniversary of serving good noms in the country. They invited a group of bloggers, including us (yay!), to try out their new menu items. We arrived just in time, the first round had just been served to the table and we were famished and ready to exercise (ha ha) our tastebuds. Taste testing is always fun, especially if they’re noms by any of The Bistro Group restaurants (they never disappoint).

The appetiers, bow.

The appetizers included a basket of nacho chips, a healthy Fully Loaded Romaine Heart, a decidedly unhealthy Roasted Bone Marrow, and my favorite of the night, Crispy Clams with Spicy Lemon Dip. The salad came in a neat little package. The whole head of romaine lettuce rested atop the serving plate and evenly distributed between the greens are the dressing, bacon bits, and other salad thingamajigs. Eating it required both a knife and a fork but it was fun all the same.

After the salad, we got to try the Roasted Bone Marrow, which is that exactly. The bone is sliced down the middle and roasted, and the bone marrow will serve as your spread on toast. It was actually pretty good, but I’m already getting weak in the knees just writing about it.

One bucket of beer with this, please.

The last of the appetizers is the Crispy Clams with Spicy Lemon Dip, which is probably what snacks in beer heaven are made of. These tiny fried and salted clams in light batter go well with the tangy dip (with a hint of spice) and a bucket of beer. I would’ve prefered bigger clams, I was already spooning them out towards the end, but they were delightful nonetheless.

Wow, that was a mouthful. And I haven’t even gotten to the main entries yet. Let me try to cut down the word count for this bit. Of all the entries, I would have to give the spotlight to the Tomahawk- a 35oz, hand cut, hand picked slab of beautiful meat. I have to give mention that it is grilled wonderfully- pink on the inside and gradually browner (is this a word?) around the edges. It was juicy and fatty in all the right places too. After all that praise, do I even have to tell you that I’m in love with it?

The Tomahawk in all its glory.

Besides the steak, we also got to try the Cod Fish. It’s a pan seared Atlantic cod fish served on a bed of roasted potatoes, a meal in itself. It’s a lighter dish for those who are watching their weight and food intake, I guess. There was also the Lamb Rack, an individual dish of rosemary-infused lamb served on a bed of ‘taters. It seemed to be a big hit with everyone else, but because I’m not a fan of lamb, the Tomahawk wins the night.

Lamb Rack, Cod Fish, Frozen Lime Soufflé, and Chef Josh discussing lamb cooking secrets with Sarie of Now We Are Hungry

All in all, it was a pretty fun anniversary bash. We even got to meet and talk with corporate chef Josh Boutwood whose accent was so alluring, I could barely process what he was saying. (He was explaining how he infused the lamb with rosemary and how he was able to get the right soufflé texture for the dessert. Or the weather, and it would have impressed me all the same.)

Oh, if you wanna read more about the event, head over to BuhayKuheho for Lianne’s story.

Village Tavern
Address: 2/F Bonifacio High Street Central, 7th Ave Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
Contact Number/s: (02) 621-3245
Social Media:

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Royal Touch Cupcakes in SM Aura

If there’s one thing to be excited about the recent opening of SM Aura in Bonifacio Global City, it’s that a new mall always brings new nomplaces to try out and discover (yay!). I’ve only been there twice and although the first time was not a pleasant experience, the second visit (when there were no more crowds) has convinced me of its potential (two Director’s Club cinemas, baby!).

One of the first few nomplaces I was able to go to is this cupcake place along the upper ground floor called Royal Touch Cupcakes. You guys know that I adore cupcakes, right? Long ago, I fell in love with Sonja’s Cupcakes’ cupcakes (yes, all of them) and got hooked. They’re a little pricey but the many flavors, oh the delicious flavors, just keep you coming back for more. Since then, specialty cupcake stores have popped up offering many a pretty little cake, Royal Touch Cupcakes being the newest one.

Royal Touch Cupcakes and their picturesque salon.

What drew us to Royal Touch Cupcake was the classy interior. From the outside, you see a glossy little store with shelves full of what looked to be picture perfect cupcakes lined up in neat little rows. We grabbed a table and ordered a couple of cupcakes and some coffee. We got the Lady Blueberry Cupcake and the Strawberry Marchioness Cupcake. They both looked absolutely perfect! They were served rather prettily in matching little cups and saucers that would not be out of place at a formal tea party. Unfortunately, they did not taste perfect. Far from it.

Strawberry Marchioness Cupcake (p75)

First off, the cakes were dry. (Not unlike the lady who was managing the floor. There was hardly a customer besides us but she was barking out orders like a drill sergeant.) Biting into the cakes felt as if they had been stored for a considerable amount of time. Depending on the flavor, I like my cupcakes either moist and dense or moist and fluffy. What I do not like them to be is to be like day old bread. It would be forgivable if it were a corner street bakery cupcake selling them for fifteen bucks a pop, but not a 75 peso, three-bite sized one in a shiny mall in the city.

Lady Blueberry Cupcake (p75)

That aside, an unfortunate cake can be saved by good frosting. Both cupcakes had buttercream frosting on them. I like buttercream, it’s light enough and not too sweet to justify piling it atop a tiny cupcake. Royal Touch Cupcake’s buttercream is.. unusual. I’m no expert and can’t quite place what the difference is, but I would describe it to be solidified buttercream. It was a little too heavy and less aerated than you would expect (and want) buttercream to be. Maybe letting the cupcake sit for a few minutes after getting it from the display chiller (and before serving it) to let the icing soften a bit would have made a difference. Maybe.

Cafe Latte

What I do like about the cupcakes are the fruits on them. They were fresh and flavorful, which lent the cupcakes a refreshing burst of fruity flavor. Oh, and the coffee wasn’t bad. The milk just kind of diluted the coffee taste that it almost tasted like coffee-flavored hot milk. I like my coffee to be a little stronger when paired with sweets, but that’s just a personal preference.

The good

  • The cupcakes had fresh fruit.
  • The cupcakes looked gorgeous.
  • The ambiance was elegant.

The bad

  • The cupcakes were dry.
  • The frosting tasted weird.
  • The cupcakes were small(er than typical cupcakes).

The bacon

Royal Touch Cupcakes gets 1.5 bacons out of 5. The cupcakes are beautiful to look at but they just weren’t that good. At the end of the day, taste is still more important than presentation. Maybe they’re still smoothing out the edges because they’re newly opened, but that’s really not a good excuse. In the world of established specialty cupcakes, Royal Touch Cupcakes just does not make the cut.


A New Take on Street Noms at Chef Arch’s Lime

When it was suggested that dinner would be at a restaurant that served fancy street food called Lime, I almost vetoed the idea because I was picturing a swanky and pretentious night. I did a quick research of their menu online and offerings called “Balut in Red Wine Sauce” and “Tinapa and Sundried Tomato Pasta” cemented that idea of a highfalutin, overpriced restaurant in my head. Boy was I wrong.

As soon as we entered the place, I knew it was the complete opposite of what I was thinking. Chef Arch’s Lime is actually a simple and laid back restaurant that seems perfect for chill Friday night get togethers with friends instead of a place to bring a high maintenance date. Thank goodness I didn’t use a veto that night.

Lime Appetizers: Balut in Red Wine Sauce (p140), Quail Egg Tempura (p90), Street Style Barbecue Platter (p190)

For starters, we settled on their three most famous “sosyal” street food orders: Balut in Red Wine Sauce, Quail Egg Tempura, and Street Style BBQ Platter. Of the three, the balut is probably the most famous. What is usually eaten with bare hands on the street is now served to you de-shelled, coated in breadcrumbs, fried, and then drizzled with red wine sauce. I ate very little, only because I can’t stand eating a peaceful looking baby duck in its shell, but I liked the contrasting taste of the sauce against the texture of the coating and the taste of the egg yolk.

Because I’m a super fan of the bright orange kwek kwek balls sold in street carts, my favorite of the three would have to be the Quail Egg Tempura. Instead of an orange coating, their version had a tempura-like coating and was to be dipped in a sweet soy sauce. To make sure you get that theirs is a “Japan-ized” version, strips of nori hung from the martini glass it’s served in.

The Street Style BBQ Platter is a plateful of all your favorite grilled street noms on a stick. There’s chicken ass, chicken and pork isaw (intestine), betamax (coagulated chicken blood), and pork skin served with peanut sauce for dipping. I have no idea which was it I tasted (I don’t usually eat these things but for that night, I had them pick one for me to try) and liked the somewhat sweet seasoning on the meat(?).

Lime Entries: Crispy Dinuguan (p180), Kangkong and Kesong Puti Stuffed Chicken Breast (p170), Osso Bucco Style Kare-Kare (p210), Baby Back Ribs

Main Entries

The Crispy Dinuguan is good for sharing, it was tasty dinuguan and one order had plenty of pork and various pig innards but they weren’t as crispy as I’d have liked. The Kangkong and Kesong Puti Stuffed Chicken Breast was served on a bed of (womderful) mashed potatoes, and had a unique flavor to it that only kesong puti can give. Like the chicken, the Baby Back Ribs was served with mashed potatoes, it’s not your regular street noms (or even Filipino noms) but it was good, tender and has a smoky taste.

The Osso Bucco Style Kare-Kare is one for the books. A huge slab of succulent beef shank is at the center of a serving plate flanked by eggplant, string beans and shrimp paste, and then drizzled with thick kare kare peanut sauce. I brought home leftovers and my mom (who is famous for her kare kare) exclaimed that it was almost like how she makes it.

We would have stayed longer and perhaps would have tried their desserts (I had my eye on the Jackfruit Walnut Torte), but alas, the surprising heavy torrent of rain forced us to pack up early and call it a night (Mandaluyong apparently fills up quick and we had to drive through calf length flood water).

The good

  • Old favorites are given a new twist.
  • The staff is friendly and efficient.
  • The prices are more than reasonable.

The bad

  • There are limited seats.
  • The lighting is a bit dim (not easy to see the details in the noms).
  • The restaurant is not easily accessible.

The bacon

Chef Arch’s Lime gets 4 out of 5 bacons. They give a new take on old favorites and are able to offer fair prices for them. The flavors are unique and yet familiar. It’s a great place to hang out in and share many a good time with friends or family. We’ll definitely be back for more.

Chef Arch’s Lime
Address: 160 San Rafael Street, Mandaluyong City
Contact number/s: 775 5428
Social Network: Official Website, Official Facebook Page

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Zomato, The Newest Nomz App To Hit The Country

Zomato, initially known as Foodiebay, is a project of an Indian team of developers headed by Deepinder Goyal (read about them here). Released for mobile in 2011, Zomato has been making waves in the mobile foodie world recently and all the social media hype had me mildly interested. The Philippine version was only launched this year and is available on Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Blackberry platforms. I’ve downloaded Zomato on both my Android and iOS devices and have been giving it a test run for a couple of days. From initial assessment, it seems to be one heck of a great app. Here’s why-


When you first open the app, you are asked to connect via Facebook or Google+, or choose to skip that entirely and go directly to the front page. I chose to log in through Facebook, so I can easily keep track of my personal lists. The color scheme is easy on the eyes, with a clean red, black, and white theme and clear icons.

Easy to find stuff, always the most important thing

The layout is simple and kind of looks like a blog, with the main page containing a scrolling banner that shows you pictures of popular restaurants near your area, an option to explore or search for restaurants, and quick icons to get to the top 25, restaurant reviews, your favorites, wishlist, and recently viewed restaurants. Navigation is instinctive and snappy, and there should be no problem for regular smartphone users.


Design is nothing without relevant features. With Zomato, all the main features are available to you in the front page, all nicely laid out for you. On the Explore option, you can choose between scrolling through a list of Nearby Restaurants or getting an Instant Recommendation.

Focused on a single purpose, which is how apps are supposed to be

You know how when you’re about to have dinner with your friends, and no one wants to decide which place to eat at? And then you all argue about how no one wants to decide and dinner is almost an unpleasant business? Zomato’s Instant Recommendation restores friendships fixes that, it shuffles through random restaurants near your location and picks one for you. Nothing’s set in stone of course, if you or someone from your party vetoes the choice, then you can shake your phone and it’ll give you another recommendation.

Functionality is key

The other features are nice to have too. It has a networking portion where you can follow and be followed by other users. Restaurants are rated and reviewed by fellow users and if you had a place in mind, it would be nice to find out if they have sucky service or a horrible adobo.


What’s just as important as features is the content. What good would a restaurant app be if there was very little relevant data on it? It’s like finding out that the pool only has about a foot high of murky water after dressing up in your new bikini, hauling your goggles, and slathering yourself up with sunblock/tan (depending on your preference). Thankfully, Zomato’s pool is filled with sparkling, chlorinated, and tempered water. Metaphorically, of course.

With all the stuff you want, and none of the stuff you don't

Quite surprisingly (sorry, pessimist on board), Zomato’s restaurant list is impressive. It is by no means complete, but it lists even obscure restaurants in areas where I tried it. Information on each restaurant is pretty extensive, including phone number/s, address, operating hours, budget, location map, menu, photos, and reviews. It even gives you the option to call directly from the app. Color me impressed.


The best part is that it does not only apply to one country, Zomato is already being widely used by a lotta foodies in a lotta countries (and they’re still expanding!). If you find yourself in, say, India, hungry and cannot find a place to eat at, the app should be able to help you out.

With all its features, ease of use, and extensive data, I would like to conclude that Zomato is the food app that everyone’s been looking for. Or at the very least, I’VE been looking for. Sure there’s Yelp, but that never really caught on.

Find out more about Zomato on their website or download Zomato for Android here, and for iOS here.


Authentic Laksa and other Singaporean Noms at TTK Lah

Because I’m not the most diligent blogger around, I usually do a quick snoop around the Intarwebz before starting a review post lest I accidentally use someone else’s title or inadvertently say the same things as another existing review. When I set out to write about this Singaporean hole-in-the-wall in the Makati CBD (weeks after first finding it), I thought there’d be news aplenty.

To my surprise, the only review is this one from The Fork In My Road, a blog maintained by an Asian traveler who ate there once and loved the food. It seems unfair that TTK is still unrecognized in the local online community, when it’s one of those places you’d recommend to any foodie friend.

Humba, Sweet and Sour Pork, Milo Dinosaur

Located along Metropolitan Avenue in Makati City, just past the row of high-end restaurants along Jupiter street, TTK Singaporean Restaurant is a small and unpretentious restaurant that serves authentic Singaporean noms. The owner is Singaporean, and you’ll usually find him in the restaurant, going around the tables, asking his customers if they like the food.

And like it we do. The restaurant offers a good number of Singaporean (and other Asian) noms including Humba, Hainanese Chicken, among others. They have individual meals that go for a fair hundred bucks, give or take. Of those I was able to try, one of my favorites is the Humba, or melt in your mouth pork kasim seasoned in a sweet and light soy sauce.

One of their specialties is the Hainanese Chicken. You can get it as an individual meal served with a cup of flavorful Hainanese rice, or for sharing, either half a chicken or a whole chicken. People from neighboring offices and residences usually order whole Hainanese Chickens for take out (and leave none for me). As a result, TTK often runs out of this tasty dish. It took me three visits before I was able to finally try this particular dish. I don’t know if it was the anticipation but the first bite felt glorious.


What I love about Hainanese chicken is that it is tasty without being overpowering. TTK’s version is great- the chicken is soft and fragrant, the rice isn’t soupy (a fault of many a Hainanese dish) but still very flavorful, and the cucumber breaks the monotony of the flavors of Hainanese in both the rice and the chicken. There is no particularly strong flavor, but the mix of all the elements result in something wonderful. In noms, it is the perfect example of the saying “The sum is greater than its parts.”

The Main Event

The other noms are good, but they all take a backseat to TTK’s Seafood Laksa. The dish is rightfully one of their best sellers, competing only with their signature Hainanese Chicken. For those who have not tried the popular Singaporean dish, Laksa is a spicy noodle soup with a coconut milk curry base that is usually mixed with seafood. It is very different from the Thai Laksa, which is sour rather than milky and a bright shade of red orange.

TTK’s version is the Singaporean Laksa (durr) and the bowl is served to your party piping hot and piled to the brim with fresh seafood. The owner proudly informed us that they get fresh seafood every day and do not stock them. Which is probably why the prawns that come with it are super sweet and flavorful. The soup base is nothing short of fantastic- tasty, spicy, and coconut-y. Let’s focus on spicy. If you’re not accustomed to spicy Asian dishes, you better request the chef to tone down the chili, unless you’re man enough to sweat buckets and not feel anything in your mouth for the next couple of hours.

Singaporean Seafood Laksa (p258)

Altogether, the flavors blend in wonderfully, like soothing songs of old with a well-paced melody and captivating lyrics. Except instead of calming you down, this spicy soup is more like to quicken your heart rate. Make sure you have someone to share this tasty soup with, one order is good for sharing (even‘s The Bim, whose appetite is unrivaled, cannot finish one bowl).

One of the few complaints I used to have about TTK is that the area could get suffocatingly warm (specially if you’re slurping on hot spicy Asian soup in the middle of the day in Manila heat) but they already addressed that by installing air conditioners. It would also have been nice if the menu was a bit more descriptive, not all the names were familiar to me. They make up for it by having friendly servers, who will kindly explain the menu items to you if you ask them.

Rating: Considering all factors, TTK Singapore Specialties gets 4 out of 5 stars (if it were based on their Laksa alone, they’d get a 5 out of 5). The service is friendly, the prices are cheap, and the Seafood Laksa and Hainanese Chicken are topnotch but there are too few items on the menu to have a varied choice.

TTK Authentic Singapore Specialties
Address: Metropolitan Avenue, Makati
Contact no/s: 0908 308 0033; 511 1227
Social Media: TTK Official Facebook Page, TTK WordPress Blog

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Like to Sell Online? Your Next Movie’s on AyosDito!

Know what I love about the Internet? You can literally get anything online. Seriously, anything. As a test, I’ll just randomly think up an item and go search for it. *thinking* Okay, chocolate fountain. BOOM! How about a portable cooker for camping? KABOOM! How about something a little more obscure?  How about a human skeleton? KRAKABOOM! Holy crap, I didn’t think they would actually have that. You know, we bought our Babycakes online, because absolutely no other retailer had it.

What’s cool about selling online is that everyone’s pretty much got a level playing field. Sure, you’ve got the big online names, but they got to where they are through superior item selection, pricing and service. They all still started out by that first post. If BaconTunaMelt one day decides to sell made-to-order bacon cupcakes or tuna pancakes (because why the hell not), then going online and letting people order there would be a fine first step.

If you have items that you have to sell now, then might we suggest doing it over

Although they started this promo of theirs last May 7, you can still catch up and win SM Cinema tickets. See, they’re doing this promo for a very simple purpose. They want their advertisers to start getting more social media traction, and that’s a pretty nifty idea.

Puppy in the picture is almost as cute as Bugsy. Almost.

Here are the mechanics: Continue Reading


East Meets West At Juan And Joe

Located along the open-air area of Market! Market!, Juan and Joe is a bit easy to miss. If you’re coming from the mall itself, the restaurant is to your far left, almost out of sight if you walk straight ahead (leading you to the flower shops, market, and open food court). If you’re coming from the parking area, you’ll naturally go through the open food court through to the mall entrance, with Juan and Joe once again out of sight.

It took me a couple of sightings before deciding to go over to that side and eat there. And I’m glad I did.

Juan & Joes

In line with their East meets West theme, you are welcomed by two different doors- one that has a homey wood finish and the other steel one that’s typical of a diner. Inside, they have cool memorabilia from both sides of the continent- there’s a Captain America shield, a Panday figurine, a framed Beatles concert ticket, old Pepsi and Pop Cola bottles.

The menu is decidedly unique, with the bottom half decorated in American blue and white stripes and the other half made of the local abaca dyed in solid red. What’s on the menu is a fun mix of American and Filipino staples, omelettes and pancakes next to tapsilog and lugaw, roast beef and steak next to pares and sisig.

Nachos (p180)

For starters, we decided to try the Nachos, priced relatively fairly at p180. It’s good enough for sharing and is loaded with a ton of beef, tomatoes, cheese, sour cream, and jalapenos. I honestly did not expect much of it but it was surprisingly good. For the main meal, I decided to get a Beef Pares, a Filipino staple. The best ones are those that are sold from carts on the streets, if you don’t mind the risk of getting Hepa B. I’m glad to report that Juan and Joe’s version was pretty tasty, rivaling that of the best Pares food carts on the dirtiest street corners, minus the dirty part.

Beef Pares (p95)

We also tried Joe’s Eggs Omelette,which is a typcal ham and onion omelette served with a slices of toast with butter and jam. It’s a go-to breakfast meal that can be had at any time of the day (erm, as long as Juan and Joe is open of course)! What’s also good is the Dinamita (p160), or spicy cheese sticks- oozing cheese inside a scraped jalapeno pepper and wrapped in egg roll wrapper and deep fried to crispy perfection. I loved it! It is very spicy though, so if you do not like a burning feeling in your mouth, I would advise that you do not order this.

Joe's Omelet (p120)

Juan and Joe has a limited air conditioned dining area, the few tables inside feel a bit cramped and sort of stuffy but if you feel like having a smoke during the meal (and drinks) or having drinks with friends and being slightly more rambunctious than usual without having to bother any squares, you may opt to sit at the al fresco dining area. Besides that, Juan and Joe gets a thumbs up from us at BaconTunaMelt.

Rating: 4 out of 5 bacons! Although it’s not a place to take a classy date, Juan and Joe has an interesting theme and offers reliable menu choices, all at very affordable prices.

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United Nations Wants To Know The World YOU Want

What kind of world do you want to live in? United Nations would like to know. Their project “The World We Want” aims to get feedback from as many people as possible from all over the world to help plan future goals. UN will draft a set of goals for the year 2015 based on the feedback they get from ALL OF US.

My World 2015

For personal reasons, my vote goes for the following goals:

That is the world I want. What about you? Let the United Nations know what kind of world YOU want by picking the six goals you are most passionate about on this link (or by clicking the pictures here):My World 2015. Your vote is important! For more information, you can like the World We Want Philippines Facebook Page and follow their Twitter account.

Tell us what kind of world you want!

Have A Kuppa Joe at Kuppa Roastery & Cafe

In this city, we don’t lack for coffee. In nearly every major destination you can find either a Starbucks, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and Seattle’s Best where you can get your caffeine fix in a jiffy. While that setup is great (coffee is good for the soul), their selection can get quite tiring. Enter Kuppa Roastery & Cafe, a discreet coffeeshop at the corner of 31st street and 4th avenue in Bonifacio Global City (officemates, this is but a street away from the building).

I say discreet because you probably wouldn’t notice it during the day because of its dark interior and the slightly curved all glass facade which kind of makes it blend in with the.. um.. building walls. Not that this is a bad thing of course. Understated and classy is (almost) always better than loud and tacky. Anyway, I actually did not know it existed until one night while walking along the area on the way back to the office (after an unsatisfactory dinner), I noticed the lights bouncing off the glass windows of this coffeeshop and decided to have a coffee break.

Besides coffee, Kuppa also offer main dishes, home-made gelato, and a buncha cakes.

And I now realize that I’ve probably lost all readers by now after all that rambling. Going back to the actual topic on hand, Kuppa is a coffeeshop that’s a cut above the rest. The wonderful scent of freshly ground and intoxicatingly fragrant coffee beans welcome you as you enter the shop. You are then ushered to a table and given a menu by the servers who will kindly assist you and offer suggestions when needed.

Their cappuccino is superb. This drink is my personal gauge to know whether a coffee shop knows its coffee (also because I am not a proper coffee connoisseur). Considering that it’s a relatively easy drink to make, not all coffee shops get it right. Kuppa’s Cappuccino is mild and pleasant, with a good amount of foam (but not too much to give you a milk mustache after a single sip) and sweet enough without any sugar in it. Kuppa coffee = Gooooood.

They also have a selection of teas, which are actual tea leaves instead of your regular bags.

To pair with their drinks, they also have sweets that look so picturesque and appetizing. They have cakes, loaf slices, and colorful homemade gelato, all displayed beautifully, almost like trophies in a glass cabinet next to the counter. I like most of what I’ve tried so far, but my favorite would have to be the Strawberry Kiss Cake, of which I have no picture of because I’m a terrible food blogger.

Besides coffee and sweet treats, they also have heavier stuff on the menu. Full meals including rib eye steaks and crispy pata and lighter fare such as club sandwiches and the French staple, croque Monsieur/Madame are available. I haven’t really had a full meal at Kuppa to properly give a good review of it but if we were basing on those I’ve tried, I’m guessing I’d love their entrees as well.

The one in the middle is something I cannot hope to make. Ever in my life.

The prices aren’t bad either. The drinks and sweets are a smidgen cheaper compared to similar offerings in overpriced coffee shops and are very good, specially the coffee. Also a plus is that they actually roast their own coffee beans in the shop. When you do visit when they are roasting, it would be a feast for your coffee-loving scent sensors. If you’re in the area (heck, even if you weren’t, go out of your way to find it and), have yourself a Kuppa.

Rating: 4.5 bacons!!! Kuppa gets a boatload of bacon for great quality coffee (beans and drinks) and a wide variety of menu choices, good service, and acceptable prices.

Kuppa Roastery & Cafe
Address: Commercenter Bldg. , 31st Street corner 4th Ave., Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
Contact number: 623 5120
Social network: Kuppa Roastery & Cafe Facebook Page