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In this city, we don’t lack for coffee. In nearly every major destination you can find either a Starbucks, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and Seattle’s Best where you can get your caffeine fix in a jiffy. While that setup is great (coffee is good for the soul), their selection can get quite tiring. Enter Kuppa Roastery & Cafe, a discreet coffeeshop at the corner of 31st street and 4th avenue in Bonifacio Global City (officemates, this is but a street away from the building).

I say discreet because you probably wouldn’t notice it during the day because of its dark interior and the slightly curved all glass facade which kind of makes it blend in with the.. um.. building walls. Not that this is a bad thing of course. Understated and classy is (almost) always better than loud and tacky. Anyway, I actually did not know it existed until one night while walking along the area on the way back to the office (after an unsatisfactory dinner), I noticed the lights bouncing off the glass windows of this coffeeshop and decided to have a coffee break.

Besides coffee, Kuppa also offer main dishes, home-made gelato, and a buncha cakes.

And I now realize that I’ve probably lost all readers by now after all that rambling. Going back to the actual topic on hand, Kuppa is a coffeeshop that’s a cut above the rest. The wonderful scent of freshly ground and intoxicatingly fragrant coffee beans welcome you as you enter the shop. You are then ushered to a table and given a menu by the servers who will kindly assist you and offer suggestions when needed.

Their cappuccino is superb. This drink is my personal gauge to know whether a coffee shop knows its coffee (also because I am not a proper coffee connoisseur). Considering that it’s a relatively easy drink to make, not all coffee shops get it right. Kuppa’s Cappuccino is mild and pleasant, with a good amount of foam (but not too much to give you a milk mustache after a single sip) and sweet enough without any sugar in it. Kuppa coffee = Gooooood.

They also have a selection of teas, which are actual tea leaves instead of your regular bags.

To pair with their drinks, they also have sweets that look so picturesque and appetizing. They have cakes, loaf slices, and colorful homemade gelato, all displayed beautifully, almost like trophies in a glass cabinet next to the counter. I like most of what I’ve tried so far, but my favorite would have to be the Strawberry Kiss Cake, of which I have no picture of because I’m a terrible food blogger.

Besides coffee and sweet treats, they also have heavier stuff on the menu. Full meals including rib eye steaks and crispy pata and lighter fare such as club sandwiches and the French staple, croque Monsieur/Madame are available. I haven’t really had a full meal at Kuppa to properly give a good review of it but if we were basing on those I’ve tried, I’m guessing I’d love their entrees as well.

The one in the middle is something I cannot hope to make. Ever in my life.

The prices aren’t bad either. The drinks and sweets are a smidgen cheaper compared to similar offerings in overpriced coffee shops and are very good, specially the coffee. Also a plus is that they actually roast their own coffee beans in the shop. When you do visit when they are roasting, it would be a feast for your coffee-loving scent sensors. If you’re in the area (heck, even if you weren’t, go out of your way to find it and), have yourself a Kuppa.

Rating: 4.5 bacons!!! Kuppa gets a boatload of bacon for great quality coffee (beans and drinks) and a wide variety of menu choices, good service, and acceptable prices.

Kuppa Roastery & Cafe
Address: Commercenter Bldg. , 31st Street corner 4th Ave., Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
Contact number: 623 5120
Social network: Kuppa Roastery & Cafe Facebook Page


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