Royal Touch Cupcakes in SM Aura

If there’s one thing to be excited about the recent opening of SM Aura in Bonifacio Global City, it’s that a new mall always brings new nomplaces to try out and discover (yay!). I’ve only been there twice and although the first time was not a pleasant experience, the second visit (when there were no more crowds) has convinced me of its potential (two Director’s Club cinemas, baby!).

One of the first few nomplaces I was able to go to is this cupcake place along the upper ground floor called Royal Touch Cupcakes. You guys know that I adore cupcakes, right? Long ago, I fell in love with Sonja’s Cupcakes’ cupcakes (yes, all of them) and got hooked. They’re a little pricey but the many flavors, oh the delicious flavors, just keep you coming back for more. Since then, specialty cupcake stores have popped up offering many a pretty little cake, Royal Touch Cupcakes being the newest one.

Royal Touch Cupcakes and their picturesque salon.

What drew us to Royal Touch Cupcake was the classy interior. From the outside, you see a glossy little store with shelves full of what looked to be picture perfect cupcakes lined up in neat little rows. We grabbed a table and ordered a couple of cupcakes and some coffee. We got the Lady Blueberry Cupcake and the Strawberry Marchioness Cupcake. They both looked absolutely perfect! They were served rather prettily in matching little cups and saucers that would not be out of place at a formal tea party. Unfortunately, they did not taste perfect. Far from it.

Strawberry Marchioness Cupcake (p75)

First off, the cakes were dry. (Not unlike the lady who was managing the floor. There was hardly a customer besides us but she was barking out orders like a drill sergeant.) Biting into the cakes felt as if they had been stored for a considerable amount of time. Depending on the flavor, I like my cupcakes either moist and dense or moist and fluffy. What I do not like them to be is to be like day old bread. It would be forgivable if it were a corner street bakery cupcake selling them for fifteen bucks a pop, but not a 75 peso, three-bite sized one in a shiny mall in the city.

Lady Blueberry Cupcake (p75)

That aside, an unfortunate cake can be saved by good frosting. Both cupcakes had buttercream frosting on them. I like buttercream, it’s light enough and not too sweet to justify piling it atop a tiny cupcake. Royal Touch Cupcake’s buttercream is.. unusual. I’m no expert and can’t quite place what the difference is, but I would describe it to be solidified buttercream. It was a little too heavy and less aerated than you would expect (and want) buttercream to be. Maybe letting the cupcake sit for a few minutes after getting it from the display chiller (and before serving it) to let the icing soften a bit would have made a difference. Maybe.

Cafe Latte

What I do like about the cupcakes are the fruits on them. They were fresh and flavorful, which lent the cupcakes a refreshing burst of fruity flavor. Oh, and the coffee wasn’t bad. The milk just kind of diluted the coffee taste that it almost tasted like coffee-flavored hot milk. I like my coffee to be a little stronger when paired with sweets, but that’s just a personal preference.

The good

  • The cupcakes had fresh fruit.
  • The cupcakes looked gorgeous.
  • The ambiance was elegant.

The bad

  • The cupcakes were dry.
  • The frosting tasted weird.
  • The cupcakes were small(er than typical cupcakes).

The bacon

Royal Touch Cupcakes gets 1.5 bacons out of 5. The cupcakes are beautiful to look at but they just weren’t that good. At the end of the day, taste is still more important than presentation. Maybe they’re still smoothing out the edges because they’re newly opened, but that’s really not a good excuse. In the world of established specialty cupcakes, Royal Touch Cupcakes just does not make the cut.


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