Black Canyon Coffee in McKinley Hill: A Different Kind of Coffeeshop

When an officemate mentioned that there was a newly opened coffee shop at McKinley Hill, I was excited. I’m always on the lookout for coffee shops that aren’t too mainstream. I’m not a stranger to these coffee shops but sometimes, I feel as if they’re more about being status symbols than serving actual good coffee.

Black Canyon Coffee is a welcome new addition to the row of restaurants at the ground floor of Tuscany building. This coffee shop first popped up in Thailand in 1993 and have since expanded all over Asia.


After an event at Enderun, we were looking for a nearby coffee shop to cap the night. I didn’t know where Black Canyon Coffee was but we gamely set out to look for it after the hype I built up in my head since hearing about it. Apparently, it is just a few meters from Enderun and the very first establishment you’d see if you’re coming from the main entrance (not the one from C5) in Tuscany, McKinley Hill.

It was fifteen minutes before closing time when we got there but the crew kindly ushered us in, informed us that they were out of ice, and gave us menus. Since we didn’t have much time left, we settled on tea and ice cream.


The tea arrived prettily in a pot with a saucer big enough to hold a cup of letter-shaped biscuits (we tried to spell ‘bacon’ but couldn’t) and a mug that has their tagline “A drink from paradise.. available on earth.” printed on the inside. It’s a nice touch, imo.

The ice cream sundae came next. Called Tin Roof, it is a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream sprinkled with peanuts and topped with whipped cream, some chocolate syrup, and a couple of pretzel sticks. The contrasting flavor of salty peanuts and pretzels countered the sweetness of the ice cream quite fantastically. I really, really liked it.


Because we were one of the last customers in the shop, we quickly finished our noms and hauled our asses out of there. They have a ton of other nommy-looking things on their menu, I’ll get there earlier next time and try them for sure.

ADDENDUM: We finally were able to try the noms at Black Canyon Cafe (and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves). Here’s what we think:

Pad Thai

This stir-fried signature Thai noodle dish is a staple in all Thai restaurants. Despite its popularity, many restaurants can’t get this delicious dish right. Black Canyon’s version is everything it’s supposed to be- nutty, slightly tangy, flavorful, and hell-raisingly spicy. I adored it.

Bagoong Rice

Bagoong rice, or Shrimp Paste Fried Rice is also a staple dish in many (local) Thai restaurants. Black Canyon gives this dish justice. Theirs has more meat than others and can actually be a full meal for one.

Green Chicken Curry

The Green Chicken Curry was a tad bit more watery and a helluva lot spicier than I bargained for. I’m a fan of spicy noms, with a pretty high tolerance for them but this particular dish had me and the date end up like this lady (watch the video, it cures any kind of blues)-

Thankfully, our drinks soothed our suffering burnt tongues and the meal ended on a bright note.

Thai Milk Tea, Oreo Milkshake

Now I won’t bother putting up our regular rating system yet, because I don’t feel like I’ve had enough noms to rate the place. Instead, this is more like an FYI for you guys to try it if you’re in the area.

The good

  • Tasty Thai noms are tasty.
  • Bagoong Rice has more meat than usual.
  • The staff are welcoming and attentive.
  • There are a bunch of entries, drinks, and dessert choices.

The bad

  • Limited branches.
  • Not too easy to get to.

The bacon

3.5 bacons! Black Canyon Coffee has a lot of noms on their menu and they are super tasty and pretty worth it. They also double as a coffee shop. If you’re into good Thai noms and good coffee, you’d probably find something to like here.

Black Canyon Coffee
Address: Ground floor, Tuscany building, McKinley Hill, Taguig City
Contact Details: (02) 355-5755 loc 119
Social Media:


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