Poco Deli Knows Their Bacon

How far would you go for bacon? I don’t mean morally, because we know some of you would probably sell your unborn child just for a whiff of that sweet cured pork belly meat. What I mean to ask is, how far would you go physically, like distance-wise?

Well, not too long ago, my sister asked me to take her out driving, so she can practice her skills behind the wheel. We wanted bacon, like we always do, so we decided to go to Poco Deli at Kapitolyo.

This is what that place looks like. All your class are belong to them.

It doesn’t seem so far, does it? We do just live in Makati. But since we were practicing driving, the whole point of it was to just cover distance. Instead of making a bee-line to Poco Deli, we made a few stops first. Passed by Waltermart, then we picked up the ladyfriend, Mel, from ParaƱaque. From the good ole’ south, we went Poco Deli. You might be thinking there’s a Poco Deli branch at Ayala Triangle and there are a bunch of good quality delis between ParaƱaque and Makati. We didn’t have to drive all the way to Pasig. You’d be right, but again, the point was to just drive far for bacon. That was the goal.

Upon arriving at said classy deli resto, we were told that there was no more bacon in stock. NO MORE BACON. It was because their supplies are being divided between the Kapitolyo branch and the Ayala Triangle branch. You can imagine how I reacted to that.


Since there was no juicy bacon at Poco Deli at the time, we decided to order other dishes that we hoped would be equally good. Yes, I know, we were temporarily mentally retarded for thinking anything could be just as good as bacon.

One of the dishes we ended up with was Home-Made Irish Stew, paired with bacon rice. At least they still had bacon bits. The stew is made with slow-cooked beef in Irish beer. It had potatoes and carrots and some garnishing. The beef itself wasn’t as tender as I had hoped. I’m not sure but it may have been seared before put into the stew to cook because the outside was a little hard, like a beef shell. The taste itself was alright, though I wasn’t a big fan of how bitter the stew was. But that’s what Irish beer does, I guess. I bet San Miguel would’ve given it a very sweet, malty flavor instead of tart and bitter.

Home-Made Irish Stew (Php 280.00) - a little tart and a little tough

The closest we could get to bacon was ham, so we ordered us some Jamon de Oro with Eggs. This was served with bacon rice, too, as if Poco Deli was torturing me with bits of their savory bacon. I don’t know what Jamon de Oro is but this tasted like every other ham I’ve ever had ever. So, still pretty damn good. Who can go wrong with hams and egg, am I right? One thing I didn’t like so much – see that glistening? That is all oil. I can probably cook another egg just using the oil on the plate.

Jamon de Oro with Eggs (Php 280) - ham and eggs, no big woop but still good

As far as processed meats go, we weren’t satisfied with just ham, so we had to up the ante with another classic deli product, the kielbasa sausage. Truth be told, I just ordered this because it reminded me of this song. Go ahead and click that, you’ll thank me later. And just like that link, the sausage did not disappoint. It was juicy (probably just all oil), tender but with just enough sausage-y bite, salty and porky. Everything you want in a big sausage and two eggs, you have with this dish. This is where I would normally add jokes about genitalia, but I’m trying to keep it classy here.

A huge Kielbasa Sausage with TWO eggs (Php 280.00) - As good as a sausage gets

We left Poco Deli with full tummies, lighter wallets and a general feeling of regret, thinking of what could have been.

Weeks passed and stuff happened. A buddy of mine invited me to have dinner with a couple friends at Poco Deli in Ayala Triangle. If they didn’t have bacon this time, I threatened to just flip a table onto an elderly couple. Much to the delight of random senior citizens, Poco Deli in Ayala Triangle did, indeed, have their most amazing bacon.

Pancetta (Bacon Steak) (Php 280.00) - Everything is right in the world again

This isn’t your garden variety crispy fried bacon, either, no sir. This is deli bacon steak. This is what dreams are made of and orgasms are fueled by. Also possible obesity and heart disease. But who cares, the bacon was glorious! It was fatty and salty and tender and sweet, cured and cooked to perfection. Their Pancetta is the main reason you should go to Poco Deli. Everything else on their menu is a side dish compared to their bacon steaks. Considering that these are thick bacon steaks, the Php 280 price tag doesn’t seem to bad.

Blackout Chocolate Cake (Php 135/slice) -Glorious.

On a whim, my friend and I decided to split a piece of cake because two burly guys totally do that on a regular heterosexual basis. And I’m glad we did because, I kid you not, this piece of cake was divine. Not overpoweringly sweet, with the right flavor and bitterness of chocolate, and perfect texture. The mini-Kisses on top really brought this slice together.

The good

  • Bacon Steak
  • They have a branch in Ayala Triangle
  • If you’re a wine person, they’ve got quite a selection
  • Deli meat
  • Chocolate cake

The bad

  • They sometimes don’t have bacon
  • Their prices are a little high

The bacon

4.5 bacons! Poco Deli gets a super high score primarily for their Pancetta and Blackout Chocolate Cake. The reason they didn’t get that extra .5 is because I found it a little too expensive and their bacon isn’t always available.

Poco Deli
Address: 21 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City and Ayala Triangle
Contact details: 477-4332, 0922-892-9211, 0922-892-9233 – Kapitolyo
808-6229, 0917-355-7451 – Ayala Triangle


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