Smoper Chicken: Korean Fried Chicken Goodness

The trend in the fried chicken world these days is going the way of Korean fast food. Although classic fried chicken will never fade away (I will always love you, Chicken Joy), we’ve made room for the crispy, soy-flavored, spicy kind of fried chicken. Another one called Smoper Chicken has popped up, not unlike the rest. Or is it?

Two chicken breasts with sweet hot sauce (p140)

Having the least number of branches (just a one, if I’m not mistaken), it is the least mainstream of all of them. Smoper Chicken has created its own following, however. It has gained popularity among the working class of Bonifacio Global City as a go to chicken joint, it’s that place you go to for lunch or after hours or just when you need a fried chicken fix without having to ruin your weekly food budget. I’m lucky enough to be working within walking distance to this place, and it’s easy to get their chicken. So I did.

140 bucks is enough for a meal of two chicken pieces plus rice. These are two large pieces (cuts of yours choice), more than enough to satiate a large appetite. Besides getting to pick your chicken, they also give you the option to slather your chicken with their sauces or just have it on the side, to be able to control the amount of sauce you put on your chicken. It’s a really nice plus, methinks. The chicken is nice and crispy, and the sauce is tasty. To me, it tastes different from other Korean fried chicken. A good kind of different.

See how teeny tiny the cup of rice is compared to the chicken?

Here’s how they describe their chicken-

“Crispy, golden brown, tender and juicy, choice chicken cuts, batter-dipped in our own recipe, deep fried to perfection and glazed with a choice of our mouthwatering special sauces. Original sauce made from 17 varieties of fresh vegetables or glazed with Garlic-Soy sauce. For the bold and daring, dare to try glazed in a sweet-hot and spicy fiery sauce.”

Now isn’t that irresistible?

One thigh, one breast with sauce on the side (p140)

They not only serve chicken, Smoper Chicken also has other staple Korean offerings such as Japchae (p150), Bulgogi (p150), Samgak Kimbap (p85), Patbingsoo (p150) and local favorites including Chicken Skin (p75), and Chicken Popcorn (p125) among others.

The good

  • Inexpensive.
  • Large chicken pieces.
  • Option to choose chicken cuts.
  • Option to choose to get the sauce on the side.

The bad

  • Limited choices.
  • Limited branches.

The bacon

3.5 bacons! Smoper Chicken is a good alternative to other chicken choices. They give enough flexibility for customers to get the fried chicken they want at a reasonable price.

Smoper Chicken
Address: 26th Street corner 4th Ave. One Mckinley Place, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Contact Details: (02) 846-3424
Social Media:


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  1. J P Hays

    Man, I wish that we had Korean fried chicken over here… It just sounds so delicious.

    Also, sorry I haven’t been talking much. I just moved out on my own (Finally!) and my financial situation has been pretty much crap. I just cannot live off of $860 per month without having to make sacrifices. To make it worse, I have a really tiny kitchen with no oven! The agony!


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