GIGI Coffee & Cupcakes’ Bacon Chocolate Cupcake is Worth the Trip to Eastwood City

Despite the dreary weather last Saturday, a group of us trekked to Eastwood after a satisfying authentic Japanese fast food dinner in Makati (more on this later) for coffee and dessert. Why should we travel all the way over there when there are a bajillion other coffee shops closer to where we already were?

You see, Eastwood is home to GIGI Coffee & Cupcakes. It’s a chill little coffee shop slash dessert place that’s open ’til late on weekends and is slightly detached from the busy nightlife in the area. I’m a huge fan of non-mainstream coffee shops that put more thought in their food and drinks rather than how to be a status symbol to the yuppie crowd and GIGI fits the bill perfectly.

All sorts of pretty without being overly cute.

The interior of GIGI Coffee & Cupcakes is elegantly decorated in various shades of green complemented by streaks of brown. It is a welcome change as every other cupcake shop nowadays has a pastel colored cutesy theme.

Not that I have anything against pastels and pinks of course, it’s just that GIGI’s warm color scheme invites even the manliest of men (or the formal-est of bosses) to take a break and enjoy a cup of coffee and maybe even a cupcake or two without looking out of place. You can grab a quick cup of coffee and cupcake before work in your corporate wear and sit on one of the tall benches on the side of the cafe with the morning paper and it’d be all good.

Faux grass carpet indoors? Gorgeous!

Another cool thing is their foolproof graphical menu on the wall right behind the counter. It contains clear illustrations of cupcake prices depending on quantity as well as their various coffee offerings and their corresponding espresso/milk/water/foam proportions and prices. For the hungry, GIGI also serves heavier fare like sandwiches and bread rolls, bottled juices to wash them down, and for the sweet tooth, jars of homemade candy in different flavors.

Rows and rows of pretty little cupcakes!

However, front and center are rows and rows of pretty cupcakes in assorted flavors displayed in glossy glass cabinets. Scanning their cupcake choices, I saw this image below and my heart was all a flutter. Before my own two eyes were actual glorious Bacon Chocolate cupcakes. Let’s just skip to the part when I sank my chompers into the magnificent creation, shall we? My brain went into caveman mode and all the words I could say then were: “Bacon good! Chocolate good! Cupcake good!!!”.

GIGI's Coffee & Cupcakes Bacon Chocolate Cupcakes!

Now that I’ve snapped back into the land of reality, maybe I can describe it with a little more finesse (a notch above caveman at least). The cupcake base is plain chocolate. It was dense and moist without being too heavy, which is exactly how I like cupcakes. The frosting is kind of a stiff chocolate ganache, and it served as the pincushion for the bacon.

The contrasting combination of the salty, crunchy bacon and the sweet, soft chocolate cake all went together surprisingly well. I swear, there were rainbows and stars a-twinkling in the background after my first bite, not unlike this graphic below.

It made me see rainbows!

For the non-fans of the sweet and salty cupcake combination, there is a number of other cupcake flavors to choose from at GIGI Coffee & Cupcakes. From among those we tried (nearly all of them, what gluttons we are), the top 3 are the Apple Crumble, Peppermint, and Red Velvet cupcakes.

For the sweet tooth, try the Apple Crumble Cupcake. It's a mini apple pie with a sweet crumbly crust, and bits of actual apples nestled in the even sweeter cake crumb.
For fans of minty sweets, try the Peppermint. It's a vanilla cupcake topped with a very minty buttercream frosting sprinkled with chocolate chips.

Sadly, I do not have a picture of the Red Velvet cupcakes. This flavor is practically a staple in all stores that sell cupcakes. But not all red velvet cupcakes are the same. In fact, many get it wrong. Fortunately, GIGI’s version is pretty good. So good that we had to order a second serving of it. So good that when a friend of mine found out that I went to GIGI Coffee & Cupcakes, she had to mention that they have the best Red Velvet cupcake ever.

Clockwise from upper left: Choco Chip Overload, Raspberry, Orange (I rry, rry like this one too.), Chocolate Cupcakes

What I love about GIGI’s cupcakes is the soft, moist, and dense crumb that’s neither too sweet nor too bland. Every cupcake of theirs I’ve tried consistently had the same beautiful texture, no matter the flavor or topping. A cupcake goes for a very reasonable p40 apiece, p235 for half a dozen, and p455 for a dozen. Drinks are also fairly inexpensive, ranging from p65-p95.

Notice that their cupcake liners are personalized? It’s a really nice touch, methinks, especially when most other cupcake stores use generic, store-bought liners. Also good to note is that the shop is conveniently located. No one in our group is a regular in Eastwood, but we didn’t have any trouble finding the place. GIGI Coffee & Cupcakes is on the ground floor of Felina Corporate Center, which is thankfully a ways away from the night scene in Eastwood City.

The good

  • Affordable prices.
  • Many unique flavors to choose from.
  • Elegant instead of the all too common “cutesy” decor.
  • Super nice staff.
  • BACON.

The bad

  • Far from where I live. 🙁
  • Limited branches (but I hear they’re opening shop in Shangri-La Mall, whee!).

The bacon

4.5 bacons! GIGI Coffee & Cupcakes is the kind of coffee shop that I’ve been looking for in my part of town. They serve great coffee and great cupcakes all at fair prices. Their decor is elegant rather than girly which makes it a great place for both formal and informal meetings. Come on, you know it can be awkward to discuss with someone in a suit and tie in a place swimming in pastels. Definitely worth a trip to Eastwood wherever you’re coming from.

GIGI Coffee & Cupcakes

Address: Ground Floor, Felina Corporate Center, Eastwood, Quezon City
Contact no/s: 234-2842
Social Media:

Gigi’s Coffee & Cupcakes

Davao’s Backyard Burgers Are What Burgers Should Be

One of the reasons why I was excited to go to Davao this time around was the anticipation of getting to try the burgers of Backyard Burgers. A few days before my flight, I saw this beautiful picture on my FB timeline.

Ain't it a thing of beauty?

Too bad my own photos turned out horrible. I guess it was because we ravaged through the burgers all too quickly. As soon as I landed in Davao and things had settled down a bit; I duly informed my cousin, Kuya K, of my intent to go to Backyard Burgers. One day we did.

Backyard Burgers is an actual backyard.

The branch we went to (this geographically-challenged blogger is not sure exactly which one) looked authentically like a backyard with the rustic design. I don’t even think design is the proper term to call what it was. The area had a bunch of plastic tables and chairs arranged in rows and was covered from the heat of the sun with simple, almost crude, metal roofing, not unlike many carinderias all over the Philippines. If not for the tarpaulin displaying the Backyard Burgers logo and larger-than-life burgers, and the high flames in the kitchens; I would have thought it was the wrong place.

It wasn’t, of course. We were quickly handed out menus by the crew and there they were- beautiful burgers of different shapes and flavors all available for taking.

BB Signature Burger (p280)

The BB Signature Burger is the burger lover’s favorite. Sandwiched between a soft sesame burger bun are two thick, homemade burger patties piled on top of each other alternated with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, garlic mushroom, Yakiniku beef, and sweet ham, and then slathered with Backyard Burger’s special sauce. Oh, it’s a combination that’s close to heaven on earth.

BB Cheesy Steak Burger (p165)

Another bestseller is the BB Cheese Steak Burger. Like other single burgers, it has a single thick homemade burger patty and all the works (cheese, tomato, lettuce, onion, garlic mushroom, slice of bacon). What sets it apart is the handful of potato fries that gives every bite a nice crunch.

BB Yard BBQ Burger (p125)

Instead the Backyard Burger’s special sauce, the BB Yard BBQ Burger is slathered generously with homemade BBQ sauce. It simply satisfies barbecue burger cravings. The BB Philly Cheese Burger is an ooey gooey lovely mess. I would have preferred raw onions over the caramelized ones though.

BB Philly Cheese Burger (p200)

The BB Garshroom Bacon Burger is a classic. It’s a traditional burger spiced up with bacon slices and garlic mushrooms fried in butter. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Sorry if that’s TMI.

What’s great about Backyard Burger is that their burger patties are flame-grilled, juicy, and awesomely thick. Their sesame burger bun is also one for the books. It’s buttery and soft to bite and yet firm enough to hold the thick patties and various add-ons.

BB Garshroom Bacon Burger (p150)

Another burger of theirs I wanted to try is the BB Triple Whammy which features 3, count it, THREE thick burger patties all in one particularly interesting burger. I decided against gorging on one because I still like my arteries clear and unclogged.

For dessert, they were promoting their S’mores Cheesecake all over the place. Photos of it were plastered everywhere and the torched sweet treat looked to be an excellent ender to a greasy burger meal. It was sadly not the case. More than s’mores and cheesecake, it tasted like a cupcake with meringue frosting. It was weird, is all. And didn’t justify the 70 peso price tag. Thank jeebus their burgers more than make up for their desserts.

S'mores Cheesecake (p70@)

What is also most awesome about Backyard Burgers is their regular promo deals. One day they’d offer a burger, drink, and fries combo for just p150. Another day they’d offer the BB BBQ Burger for just p100. Other days they go for a Burger/Fries/Drinks All You Want for p350. You can get all these announcements via their very active and amusing social feeds (links below).

The good

  • Their flame grilled burgers are honest-to-goodness feel good, real burgers.
  • You can customize your own burger.
  • Great online presence.

The bad

  • Not available in Manila!

The bacon

4 bacons! Backyard Burgers resto is by no means a fine dining kind of place. If you’re looking for an elegant and classy place to take a date, this isn’t it. Backyard Burgers is where you can (and should) get down and dirty, paying no mind to the sauce is slowly dribbling down your front as you inhale their thick, juicy, flame-grilled burgers. Backyard Burgers should be brought to Manila.

Backyard Burgers

Address: #88 Quimpo Blvd, Ecoland Phase 1, Davao; E. Quirino Avenue, Ilustre Davao City, Davao
Contact no/s: 295-6935;
Social Media:

Noms, Press

The Ultimate Yang Chow Chowdown at Super Bowl of China

First there was the Unli Yang Chow Promo, a limited time offer where diners can eat as much Yang Chow fried rice as they could for just fifty bucks. Many availed of the offer but only a few stood out and made the cut. The record is a whopping 26 bowls of rice!

To celebrate the success of the promo, Super Bowl of China held a couple of culminating events. One was the Facebook challenge where the contestant with the most number of votes get to battle it out in a Yang Chow fried rice eating contest. I heard that a couple of tiny girls joined and came close to winning the crown (or an iPad mini in this case). To those girls, congrats! You make womankind proud.

The catalyst for last Saturday's event: ALL THE YANG CHOW!

The other and final event is the Super Bowl of China Ultimate Yang Chow Chowdown which was held last Saturday at the Super Bowl of China branch in Gloretta 4. Five champions from each branch were selected and invited to compete for a final showdown. The unstoppable contestant who noms the most Yang Chow fried rice in ten minutes wins a Super Bowl Party Package for 30 and bragging rights (and maybe indigestion).

Host Gabe Mercado gets things going as family, friends, and supporters cheer on their favorites.

The engaging Gabe Mercado hosted the event and got the crowd going by asking the contestants for a few words of wisdom before the contest started. My favorite of all is- “Walang tubig tubig!” which elicited applause and lots of laughs from the excited crowd.

Meet the unstoppable contestants:

Clockwise from top left: Former champ Ryan Tañada, Aljon Mortega, Amorsolo Tecson, Vincent Rebultan.

None of them could stop Jan Magdaraog who inhaled 11 bowls of Super Bowl of China’s Yang Chow Rice in ten minutes. He is unstoppable! His friends were cheering for him loudly the entire time. I bet they’ll be there too when Jan decides to use his Super Bowl of China Party Package. 😛

The Ultimate Champ Jan Magdaraog

Congratulations Jan!

If you have the time, check out Super Bowl of China’s latest promo, the P1 Weekday Deals. It’s super duper sulit!


Super Bowl of China PISO Weekday Deals? Wow.

The love for Chinese noms is practically ingrained in us Pinoys. I don’t think a week can last without having at least one Chinese-style dish. I, for one, can totally live on Yang Chow fried rice forever. Thank goodness for the numerous Chinese restaurants in this city. One of my favorites has always been Super Bowl of China. Why, you ask? Or not, but I’ll tell you anyway.

For one, the Glorietta branch (incidentally also my favorite branch), has a nice little nook of their own in the mall. It keeps your party separate from the hustle and bustle of a busy mall. For another, they always have a Company of the Week promo where employees of a certain company gets a special privileges, which is purdy darn great deal.

Super Bowl of China Piso Deals

Their latest promo, called Super Bowl of China Weekday P1 Deals, gives us more reason to love them. From Mondays through Fridays, Super Bowl of China will treat their regular patrons by offering their favorite dishes at the amazing price of 1 peso. Yup, you read that right. Just order any large main dish and you can avail of the daily promo dish for just P1. Piso lang and you get a classic dish that’s good to share? Sulit!

Here are their daily piso dishes:

Lechon Macau
Deep Fried Cuttlefish w/ Spicy Salt

A classic, the Deep Fried Cuttlefish w/ Spicy Salt never fails to disappoint. Only P1 on Mondays.


Deep Fried Pork Ribs w/ Spicy Salt
Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet

Superbowl of China's Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet
The Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet is perfect for seafood lovers. Only P1 on Tuesdays.


Birthday Noodles
Sliced Beef w/ Oyster Sauce
Lemon Chicken

Kids and adults alike love the sweet tangy taste of Lemon Chicken. Only P1 on Wednesdays.


Sweet & Sour Pork
Seafood Chopsuey

Sliced Beef w/ Oyster Sauce is always a delight. Only P1 on Wednesdays.


Sliced Beef w/ Broccoli
Fish Fillet w/ Taosi Sauce
Crispy Noodles w/ Assorted Seafood

All of these are best teamed up with Yang Chow Fried Rice, of course.

Here’s the small print for your convenience: The promo is valid from July 16 until September 30, available for dine-in transactions only, there is a maximum of 2 promo dishes per table. I don’t know about you but I’ll be dragging my friends and family soon (and possibly several times), for sure.


CRIKEY! Crocodile Meat Gets Krazy (Garlik)!

If your definition of “adventurous” when it comes to food means adding more salt to a dish than you ought to, then you should probably start rethinking your life strategy. To foodies, living on the edge means putting things in your mouth that you normally wouldn’t.

If stuffing bits of meat from animals you can’t find in a typical farm down your gullet is unthinkable to you, then maybe this will change your mind. On the list of animal flesh I would happily consume, reptiles don’t rank high but I wouldn’t be opposed to chowing down on them if the meal was professionally prepared like the ones they have at Krazy Garlik.


For the last couple weeks, Krazy Garlik has been serving crocodile dishes. Yeah, you read that right. Croc meat.

Mmmm... delicious. Picture taken from Get Foxy

They have a selection of four dishes made from crocodile tail, tenderloin and ribs. The rest of the crocodile become wallets and bags, I guess.

Before we get to the food, let’s talk about where they get the meat. No, they don’t take them out of the Pasig river. Don’t be silly; that body of water can’t support any kind of life anymore. They get their meat from Coral Agri-Venture Farm, Inc. Accredited to raise Philippine crocodiles from a Palawan facility in 2000, Coral Agri-Venture runs a 10 hectare area full of crocs in Morong, Rizal. In 2008, they received a National Meat Inspection Service certificate. So yeah, their meat is clean, even if you think that crocodiles live almost their entire lives in swamps.

Crocodiles are slaughtered at 3 to 4 years of age, weighing in at 8 – 15 kilos each. They’re only fed organic chicken (as opposed to synthetic chicken) and pork meat. So if you think about it, you’re actually eating three kinds of meat in every bite.

Krazy Garlik serves Krok Salpicao, Tempting Pasta, Rockin’ Sigig, and Rappin’ Ribs. Familiar preparation, but with a very special protein. Continue Reading


August Activities at The Cookery Place

The first time I heard of the term “cookery”, I thought it was merely a wordplay instead of an actual word. If we’re being doubly honest, I thought it was a synonym to the similarly fun word “shenanigan” and I could use it in my sentences like so- “Last weekend’s cookeries landed us in prison /an emergency room/a deserted island with no food or drinking water.”

Apparently, that usage is incorrect. According to the dictionary (the free online one), “cookery” is a noun meaning “the art or practice of preparing food” which is the perfect word to describe The Cookery Place in BGC. I first chanced upon it while looking for coffee to cap the night after dinner somewhere in Burgos Circle. The lights inside The Cookery Place were still open, and it looked to be some kind of a coffeeshop or bakeshop from the outside so we opted to check the place out.

I was wrong on both accounts. For one, they were already cleaning up after an event that was held earlier that night. For another, The Cookery Place is not a coffeeshop or a bakeshop. It is actually a “cookery place” or a place where you can practice the art of preparing food. It is a training kitchen where they offer fun events every month that you, your friends, your kids, and even your house help can enroll and participate in.

What’s nice about The Cookery Place, besides their being stocked up in all wonderful kitchen-y gadgets, is that the place is fairly small. The classes will be very intimate and personal. I’m particularly interested in the Couples’ Cooking series, where you and your partner can learn to cook together (YIHEE!) .

Here’s their The Cookery Place’s list of classes for August:

World Cuisine Series (7-10pm, p3000/person, if you enroll in all 4, you get 10% off your total):
August 6 – Mediterranean Medley
August 8 – Eat-alian!
August 20 – Korean Classics
August 22 – Carribean Cruisin’

Quick Cooking (7-10pm, p3000/person):
August 2 – The Bachelor
August 16 – Salad Meals
August 30 – Easy Cooking for Condo Living

House Help Series (Wednesdays, 2-5pm, p1,500/person, enroll in all classes and you get p1000 off):
August 7 – Kitchen Basics & Knife Skills
August 14 – Moist Heat Cooking
August 21 – Dry Heat Cooking
August 28 – Menu Management & Dining Experience

Couples Cooking (Saturday, 7-10pm, p5000/pair, only 3 pairs):
August 24 – Cocoa Passion!

Little Chefs (5-8 years old, Saturdays, 10am-1pm, p3000/person):
August 10 – Easy Peasy Desserts
August 31 – Dough!

Junior Chefs (8-12 years old, Saturdays, 10am-1pm, p3000/person):
August 3 – Gone Gourmet
August 17 – Breakfast Bites

Mommy/Daddy & Me (Sunday, 10am-1pm, p4000/pair)
August 4 – Brunch!

Kitchen Connection (Sunday, cooking party, p6000)
August 25 – Brunch!

Sounds fun yes? YES! Go and inquire now! It would be so nice to tell them you found out about them from us (because why not?). 🙂

The Cookery Place
Address: Unit 2G & H Kensington Place, 1st ave. Cor 29th St., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Contact Details:; 822-7068; 775-4161
Social Media:


Cecil’s Snack Inn & Bakeshop is a Davao Classic

There will always be that old favorite that will never be eclipsed in greatness by any newcomer, no matter how grand. The classics are those you opt to go for despite the vast number of choices laid out in front of you. On a free night, I’d choose to watch Die Hard than some other new Jason Statham action flick. Some days, I’d go for Max’s fried chicken over KFC or Jollibee chicken.

One such classic is the Cecil’s Snack Inn & Bakeshp in Davao City. From when I was a little kid, everytime I visited Davao, there would always be a trip to Cecil’s. Be it to start the day with their breakfast silogs, snack on their luscious durian roll, or to stock up on their pastries to bring home to Manila.

Cakes and more!

Last month’s visit was no different. By hook or by crook, I was going to stop by a Cecil’s branch. The entire city is peppered with branches and one such branch was right across the hotel we were staying at (yey!). Before meeting up with relatives, I took the chance to (drag my parents and) grab a quick bite.

Because we just had breakfast, we just ordered light meals. They have combo meals that come with a drink and a brownie, all for an affordable p88 (owners must have Chinese leanings, eh). Here are some of their snack meals that are sure to comfort and warm up your tummies as they did ours.

La Paz Batchoy (aka chicaron soup)
Fried Lumpiang Gulay
The signature Pancit Luglug

Besides all these, I am also in love with Cecil’s cream puffs and eclairs and make sure to bring some home after every trip. If you’re all about the fancy, you may scoff and find that they aren’t up to your standards. Cecil’s baked goods are not artisan quality but they are nommy, well-made, comforting, and cheap. They have a booth in the Davao International Airport, which makes it easy to grab a box or two of these sweet and savory treats after every trip to Davao.

No bacon rating for Cecil’s for the simple reason that they are a classic and everyone should try their noms. If you are in Davao, or will go to, and haven’t had a chance to do so, stop by soon for a comforting snack.

Cecil’s Snack Inn & Bakeshop
Address: Everywhere in Davao city
Contact Details: (02) 999-9999
Social Media:


Fiesta Bahia at SM Mall of Asia By the Bay

Night markets are awesome, if only because they solve my dilemma of finding nomsplaces well into the night. New ones are popping up everywhere, one of them being Fiesta Bahia, another project organized by the Mercato Centrale group. Starting July 12, head over to SM Mall of Asia By the Bay every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 4pm to 3am to try out the noms at Fiesta Bahia.

Fiesta Bahia

If you’re a food vendor and are interested to join Fiesta Bahia, you may ocntact them at 0917 840 1152 or 812-0102 or email them via They’ll be prioritizing vendors who specialize in regional and provincial food. To get updated with the latest news, like Fiesta Bahia’s Facebook page or follow Twitter account.


Hukad sa Golden Cowrie in SM Abreeza

Before this year’s visit, the last time I was in Davao city was a little over a couple of years ago. Since then, there have been a lot of changes within the city that it seems to have become a better version (or a at least, a cleaner one) of Manila. Everything you find here in the metro, I am almost sure you can get somewhere in Davao city. Despite all the architectural changes, Davao has remained a laid-back city with colorful people that combine a healthy balance between work and play.

Prehaps it’s just me, but I think it’s novel when I see people playing actual mahjong on weekdays (this I’ve only seen in Davao), when the closest version I do here is to play bingo online. The Davao malls also rival the many “luxury” malls here in the metro. One of the malls I went to was Abreeza, it’s not the newest and yet it looked like a fancier version of Glorietta and its adjacent malls. There was a multitude of restaurant choices for dinner, but we settled on Hukad which came highly recommended by nearly everyone.

Hukad sa Golden Cowrie
Hukad plates are lined with banana leaves.

Hukad means “to scoop” in deep Bisaya and although I couldn’t find any correlation to the restaurant’s theme, it’s a catchy and unique name. Hukad’s interior is fairly modern, the only local flavor being the banana leaves that lined the plates. The small area is rather crowded, even the small hallway had tables arranged in a row to maximize the space, leaving little room to move around. What’s nice is that they have a balcony, for customers who would like to dine al fresco.

Appetizers aplenty!

The staff is friendly, accommodating our requests for our large(ish) party with a smile, including my request to speak in Filipino rather than Bisaya (because the only Bisaya words I know are “dili” and now “hukad”). For appetizers, we had Baked Scallops (p135), Shrimps in Garlic (p95), and for the less adventurous, the all time classic, Calamares (p148). Of the three, I liked the scallops the best as they were fresh and flavorful. The tiny shrimps were a little too salty, and the calamares tasted like, er, calamares.

Pinoy fare with a twist.

I was looking for a distinctly Davao dish to sample for a more dedicated review but found none. Not that it’s a bad thing, they do have a wide variety of very Pinoy main course options. We settled on a combination of chicken, seafood, beef, pork, and greens. We got the Chicken Pandan (p120), Tuna Belly (p189), Laing (p99), Pinakbet (p83), and Puso Salad (p59). Perhaps because I get Pinoy classics on the regular that I thought them just alright. They weren’t bad, they were just okay.

All crispy!

And then we tried their crispy fare, namely: Crispy Pork Kare Kare (p198), Crispy Dinuguan (p99), Crispy Pata (S: p279/L: p339/XL: p375). I was told that these are Hukad specialties. The dinuguan and pata are fairly common, with Kanin Klub (still my favorite) and Lime both offering their versions of these crunchy artery cloggers, but crispy kare kare is something new to me. The only thing close to it that I’ve tried is Pino’s Bagnet Kare Kare, which is nothing short of delightful. Unfortunately, Hukad’s version was a bit of a letdown. It was merely fried pork chop served with a side of vegetables, kare kare sauce, and shrimp paste.

My favorite of the night.

What I really liked was the Linat-ang Baka (p178), or nilagang baka in my household. The hot soup was tasty and in the bowl was a huge slab of tender beef shank with a handful of corn and various greens. It was delicious, it was homey, it was sulit. I’ll even go so far as to say that it can rival Leslie’s famous one.

The good

  • Unique name.
  • Different take on old favorites.
  • Cheerful staff.
  • Location is convenient.

The bad

  • No option to order just a single cup of rice (all bottomless).
  • When busy, the place gets uncomfortably warm.

The bacon

3 bacons! Hukad offers classic Pinoy dishes with a twist. Although I’m not a fan of some of their alterations, they get bonus points for innovation. Overall, their noms are good but not too spectacular. The prices are affordable enough to recommend to family and guests alike.


Address: 2nd floor, Abreeza Mall, Davao city
Contact Details: (02) 355-5755 loc 119
Social Media:


Fourth of July at T.G.I.Fridays!

Did you know that the fourth of July, besides being the Independence Day of America, is also known as the Filipino-American Friendship Day? That makes it officially a day to celebrate for us Pinoys!

What better way to party this Fourth of July than eating out the very American T.G.I. Fridays? First established in New York in 1971, T.G.I. Fridays was brought here in 1994 by the Bistro Group of restaurants, and has been serving good old American noms to Filipinos since.

50% off on T.G.I. Friday’s Classic Chicken Fingers!

On July 4, T.G.I. Fridays will offer a 50% discount on their gloriously juicy classic Chicken Fingers. One order will only be 148 pesos! Now that’s something to celebrate.