CRIKEY! Crocodile Meat Gets Krazy (Garlik)!

If your definition of “adventurous” when it comes to food means adding more salt to a dish than you ought to, then you should probably start rethinking your life strategy. To foodies, living on the edge means putting things in your mouth that you normally wouldn’t.

If stuffing bits of meat from animals you can’t find in a typical farm down your gullet is unthinkable to you, then maybe this will change your mind. On the list of animal flesh I would happily consume, reptiles don’t rank high but I wouldn’t be opposed to chowing down on them if the meal was professionally prepared like the ones they have at Krazy Garlik.


For the last couple weeks, Krazy Garlik has been serving crocodile dishes. Yeah, you read that right. Croc meat.

Mmmm... delicious. Picture taken from Get Foxy

They have a selection of four dishes made from crocodile tail, tenderloin and ribs. The rest of the crocodile become wallets and bags, I guess.

Before we get to the food, let’s talk about where they get the meat. No, they don’t take them out of the Pasig river. Don’t be silly; that body of water can’t support any kind of life anymore. They get their meat from Coral Agri-Venture Farm, Inc. Accredited to raise Philippine crocodiles from a Palawan facility in 2000, Coral Agri-Venture runs a 10 hectare area full of crocs in Morong, Rizal. In 2008, they received a National Meat Inspection Service certificate. So yeah, their meat is clean, even if you think that crocodiles live almost their entire lives in swamps.

Crocodiles are slaughtered at 3 to 4 years of age, weighing in at 8 – 15 kilos each. They’re only fed organic chicken (as opposed to synthetic chicken) and pork meat. So if you think about it, you’re actually eating three kinds of meat in every bite.

Krazy Garlik serves Krok Salpicao, Tempting Pasta, Rockin’ Sigig, and Rappin’ Ribs. Familiar preparation, but with a very special protein.

Krok Salpicao (P435)

The Krok Salpicao is one of those croc dishes that would go great with beer. It’s prepared like you would any other kind of salpicao, only theirs is more garlic-y than normal. The difference is in the very distinct texture of the crocodile tenderloin. Buttery smooth with a bite would be a good way to describe it. Each bite feels like you’re chewing on very tender pork tenderloin tips without the oiliness.

Tempting Pasta (P425)

Tempting Pasta is a spicy pasta dish with crocodile meat. Out of all the dishes, this is the only one where the meat doesn’t taste like any other kind of animal. Like, if you were to tell me that the other dishes’ protein were pork or chicken or even fish, I might believe you. But Tempting Pasta’s meat tastes different, maybe a little squidy but the texture is totally not squid. It’s not bad at all; just not something I’m used to.

Rockin’ Sisig (P375)

The Rockin’ Sisig was definitely my favorite! It tastes like sisig with a bit of a tangy flavor. Typically, sisig is made with pork ears and face, which are kind of fatty. The crocodile tail meat in the sisig is not fatty at all. It’s actually very similar to chicken or fish sisig, but the texture is much firmer. It was so extremely good that I had a couple more servings than what I would consider fair. Again, this dish would go great with beer.

Rappin’ Ribs (P695)

These crocodile ribs were flaky, like a perfectly cooked fish, but had a firm texture, like perfectly cooked pork. The barbecue flavor works well enough but it makes the meat taste like chicken or pork. I’m not sure if there’s a distinct croc taste, but if there was, you wouldn’t be able to tell what it was by having some Rappin’ Ribs. The only time you’d think it wasn’t any animal you’d normally be used to eating is when you see the bones – they’re thin and are have a distinct shape.


While enjoying your crocodile meat dishes, wash everything down with their very creative beverages. I particularly enjoyed the Grape Shake and the Honeydew Shake, with those pearls that pop in your mouth. However, the way the croc dishes were prepared, I believe they would be way better with some ice cold beer instead.

Considering the similarity of taste to other kinds of meat, you’re probably wondering why you’d fork over their asking price for this exotic meat. Well, for one thing – do it to fulfill your sense of adventure. If you wanna be able to tell your buddies that you’ve restored the food chain and ate an apex predator, then this is a very convenient way to do it. Another reason would be the nutritional value.

For every 100 grams of crocodile meat, you get 104 calories, 91 mg of cholesterol and a total fat of 1.9 grams

100 grams crocodile 21.1 grams 1.9 grams 436 kj
100 grams chicken breast 20.2 grams 10.2 grams 720 kj
100 grams beef sirloin 19.3 grams 10.2 grams 921 kj

So, next time you’re a little thirsty for a little adventure, maybe you can check out Krazy Garlik. We don’t know how long they’re going to have these dishes, but right now, they’re on a test run of sorts. If it does well, maybe they’ll carry them indefinitely.

Krazy Garlic
Address: 2nd floor, Greenbelt 5 mall, Makati
Contact Details: (02) 999-9999 loc 999
Social Media: Twitter, Instagram


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