Davao’s Backyard Burgers Are What Burgers Should Be

One of the reasons why I was excited to go to Davao this time around was the anticipation of getting to try the burgers of Backyard Burgers. A few days before my flight, I saw this beautiful picture on my FB timeline.

Ain't it a thing of beauty?

Too bad my own photos turned out horrible. I guess it was because we ravaged through the burgers all too quickly. As soon as I landed in Davao and things had settled down a bit; I duly informed my cousin, Kuya K, of my intent to go to Backyard Burgers. One day we did.

Backyard Burgers is an actual backyard.

The branch we went to (this geographically-challenged blogger is not sure exactly which one) looked authentically like a backyard with the rustic design. I don’t even think design is the proper term to call what it was. The area had a bunch of plastic tables and chairs arranged in rows and was covered from the heat of the sun with simple, almost crude, metal roofing, not unlike many carinderias all over the Philippines. If not for the tarpaulin displaying the Backyard Burgers logo and larger-than-life burgers, and the high flames in the kitchens; I would have thought it was the wrong place.

It wasn’t, of course. We were quickly handed out menus by the crew and there they were- beautiful burgers of different shapes and flavors all available for taking.

BB Signature Burger (p280)

The BB Signature Burger is the burger lover’s favorite. Sandwiched between a soft sesame burger bun are two thick, homemade burger patties piled on top of each other alternated with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, garlic mushroom, Yakiniku beef, and sweet ham, and then slathered with Backyard Burger’s special sauce. Oh, it’s a combination that’s close to heaven on earth.

BB Cheesy Steak Burger (p165)

Another bestseller is the BB Cheese Steak Burger. Like other single burgers, it has a single thick homemade burger patty and all the works (cheese, tomato, lettuce, onion, garlic mushroom, slice of bacon). What sets it apart is the handful of potato fries that gives every bite a nice crunch.

BB Yard BBQ Burger (p125)

Instead the Backyard Burger’s special sauce, the BB Yard BBQ Burger is slathered generously with homemade BBQ sauce. It simply satisfies barbecue burger cravings. The BB Philly Cheese Burger is an ooey gooey lovely mess. I would have preferred raw onions over the caramelized ones though.

BB Philly Cheese Burger (p200)

The BB Garshroom Bacon Burger is a classic. It’s a traditional burger spiced up with bacon slices and garlic mushrooms fried in butter. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Sorry if that’s TMI.

What’s great about Backyard Burger is that their burger patties are flame-grilled, juicy, and awesomely thick. Their sesame burger bun is also one for the books. It’s buttery and soft to bite and yet firm enough to hold the thick patties and various add-ons.

BB Garshroom Bacon Burger (p150)

Another burger of theirs I wanted to try is the BB Triple Whammy which features 3, count it, THREE thick burger patties all in one particularly interesting burger. I decided against gorging on one because I still like my arteries clear and unclogged.

For dessert, they were promoting their S’mores Cheesecake all over the place. Photos of it were plastered everywhere and the torched sweet treat looked to be an excellent ender to a greasy burger meal. It was sadly not the case. More than s’mores and cheesecake, it tasted like a cupcake with meringue frosting. It was weird, is all. And didn’t justify the 70 peso price tag. Thank jeebus their burgers more than make up for their desserts.

S'mores Cheesecake (p70@)

What is also most awesome about Backyard Burgers is their regular promo deals. One day they’d offer a burger, drink, and fries combo for just p150. Another day they’d offer the BB BBQ Burger for just p100. Other days they go for a Burger/Fries/Drinks All You Want for p350. You can get all these announcements via their very active and amusing social feeds (links below).

The good

  • Their flame grilled burgers are honest-to-goodness feel good, real burgers.
  • You can customize your own burger.
  • Great online presence.

The bad

  • Not available in Manila!

The bacon

4 bacons! Backyard Burgers resto is by no means a fine dining kind of place. If you’re looking for an elegant and classy place to take a date, this isn’t it. Backyard Burgers is where you can (and should) get down and dirty, paying no mind to the sauce is slowly dribbling down your front as you inhale their thick, juicy, flame-grilled burgers. Backyard Burgers should be brought to Manila.

Backyard Burgers

Address: #88 Quimpo Blvd, Ecoland Phase 1, Davao; E. Quirino Avenue, Ilustre Davao City, Davao
Contact no/s: 295-6935; backyardburgersdavao@gmail.com
Social Media:


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