Davao’s Tiny Kitchen is Big on Flavor

And as we start this wet, wet Tuesday, we shall tell you about yet another Davao find from my last trip. The last time, we went on a juicy burger binge at Backyard Burgers. This time, we’ll be talking about a not so tiny Spanish-Filipino restaurant called Tiny Kitchen (according to their FB page, their full name is Tiny Kitchen Creations).


It was pouring when we got there, but their guard kindly assisted us with an umbrella. As soon as I set foot inside, I was instantly reminded of Mom & Tina’s (incidentally one of my go-to restaurants here in Manila). The interior was homey, decorated in warm yellow, wood, and accented by blues. Right by the entrance is a cake shelf, filled with rows of inviting looking sweet cakes that are sold by the slice, on the shelves and on the counter are jars of biscuits, cookies, and various other baked treats. We’ll go back to that later. For now, let’s talk about the main entries.

Gambas Al a Jillo (p270), Sopa Rojo (p210), Alicante Ensalada (p265)

For starters, we ordered Gambas Al a Jillo, Sopa Rojo, and Alicante Ensalada. Gambas Al a Jillo is shrimp sauteed in garlic served with lightly toasted herbed focaccia bread. Sopa Rojo is a seafood tomato soup with fish, shells, shrimps, squid, and perterters. Alicante Ensalada is a house special, greens tossed with ham slices, cheese, egg, capers, and special honey dressing. Of the three, I liked the Gambas the best, if only for the herbed focaccia bread. They’re also selling them in packs and I would’ve brought some home if I had space left in my luggage.

Calamari Relleno en su Tinta (p235), Callos Al a Tiny (p265), Pollo Tomate y Rosmaria (p290)

For main entries, we had stuffed baby squid dish called Calamari Relleno en su Tinta, slow cooked beef stew with assorted meats and chorizo de bilbao called Callos Al a Tiny, and chicken stewed in tomato sauce infused with rosemary herb called Pollo Tomate y Rosmaria. The Calamari Relleno in particular was quite tasty, the ground meat stuffing inside the perfectly cooked squid was an interesting combination.

It’s not a complete Spanish noms experience without nomming on good old paella. Last of the main dishes we tried is this gorgeous paella-

Paella Negra (Medium, p770)

Tiny Kitchen has a number of paella options but we settled on a medium sized Paella Negra, a classic paella dish of black squid ink paella rice mixed with assorted seafood. Their paellas need a cooking time of 30-40 minutes and come in six sizes: Extra Small (good for 1), Small (good for 2), Medium (good for 4-5), Large (good for 6-8), Family (good for 10-15), and Party (good for 15-20). Their paella is is nicely topped with a good amount of seafood bits and the rice itself is flavorful enough to eat on its own. I’m no expert on Spanish cooking but this paella is one I’d order again if I could.

Tiny Kitchen’s noms are are rather small for the prices but most were rich and tasty, exactly how Spanish noms should be. Now on to desserts. (FINALLY!)

Yema Cake (p80), Mango Sans Rival (p90), Red Velvet (p110), Marta's Fave (p105), Frozen Mango Brazo (p95)

Oh dear, this portion could totally be an entire post on its own. Tiny Kitchen has a huge, and I mean HUGE, selection of desserts, snacks, and all sorts of sweet treats, it’s insane. Thankfully, we were a big enough group to justify trying out a bunch of them. Here’s our bunch:

  1. Frozen Mango Brazo is the ice cream cake version of the much loved brazo de mercedes where mango ice cream takes the place of the typical sweet egg yolk center. Must try!
  2. Mango Sans Rival is a classic sans rival cake enhanced by the flavor of ripe mango. Super good (and sweet)!
  3. Red Velvet Cake was fluffy, thick, and moist. It was a little too crumbly and had too little icing for my taste.
  4. Yema Cake is my favorite for that night. It’s a simple white fluffy cake topped with a yema frosting that’s not too sweet. Omnom!
  5. Marta’s Fave is a bestseller at Tiny Kitchen. It’s a dulce de leche mousse cake with a milky mousse base topped with a thick cream. It’s delicious, but also really sinful.

One of the disadvantages of a food blogger is that writing about delicious noms usually makes you crave for them. Listing all these cakes from Tiny Kitchen has me licking my lips, darnit.

The good

  • Really tasty Spanish noms.
  • Really delicious desserts.
  • Friendly ambiance.
  • It’s a restaurant, bakeshop, and coffee shop in one.

The bad

  • Fairly small dining area.
  • The staff needs a little bit more training.

The bacon

4 bacons! Tiny Kitchen Creations in Davao City is a wonderful find. They serve a good number of tasty Spanish noms to choose from for lunch/dinner, a huge selection of desserts, and a bunch of baked treats. They’re a little pricey and their staff could use a bit more training (one almost spilled a giant bowl of hot soup on my cousin’s shoulder) but the noms are definitely worth it if you’re in the mood for a tasty Spanish dinner.

Tiny Kitchen

Address: F. Torres Street, Davao City
Contact no/s: (082) 305-9232
Social Media:

Gigi’s Coffee & Cupcakes

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