Remember When?

Remember when this was all the rage?

Rebisco Hansel Premium Cheese Sandwich

There used to be a time when you’d open all your social networking feeds and 7 of the 10 new updates would be faces of your friends posing next to a box of the (then) newest sensation. Yup, we did that over crackers. Oh excuse me, ‘sandwiches’.

It happened.

Although there are no longer any selfie photos with these crackers these days, Rebisco Hansel Premium Cheese Sandwich are here to stay. They’re that go to box of cheese crackers that you grab when you chance upon them at the nearby convenience store. You may even recall memories past as you crunch your way through the cheesy buttery biscuits. Maybe even take a photo or two (like I did, haha).

Rich, buttery, creamy, cheesy biscuits.

They actually remind me of Ritz Bitz Sandwiches, which were my favorite snacks from childhood. They’re cheaper too, a box of Rebisco Hansel Premium Cheese Sandwich goes for around 30-35 bucks at your favorite 7-11 or grocery. AWZM!


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