Is Delimondo really the best corned beef known to man?

Could it be? The contents of this can with plain white wrapper with simple black text bearing only relevant information and nothing extra has been hailed by many online as THE corned beef to beat all corned beefs. Talking about corned beef online? I mean, who social medias corned beef? (can we make “social medias” a verb? It should be.)

Anyway, the simple, no frills packaging is sort of unusual. Food packaging is usually eyecatching, with a buttload of taglines and such to entice possible customers. How many bright red “new and improved” signs do you see in a grocery? (hint: a lot)

No frills packaging.

One morning, I had some leftover rice from the previous night so I decided that it was the perfect time to finally try Delimondo (rice and corned beef, baby!). Here it be, newly opened.

At this point, I was skeptical. I mean no offense but doesn’t that kind of look like wet dog food to you? Gingerly, I scooped some onto a microwave-safe bowl and heated it up for about a minute.  Now usually, I saute canned corned beef in garlic but since the can is labeled “Garlic and Chili”, I opted to nom out of the can (not literally of course).

Something to rave about?

So after all the build up in my head, I was expecting to either be blown out of my mind, be devoid of pannies, or to forget my name after the first bite. My head is still pretty much intact, my grannies are pink, and I know I’m not Miley Cyrus (thank god). It’s not actually bad, in fact, it’s pretty amazing for canned and corned meat of the moo-ing species.

It’s chunky, flavorful, and not a bad fetch at less than P150 per can (it’s a big can, enough for two or more people if eating with rice). It’s also a great meal for when you’re in a hurry and do not want to eat instant noodles. But best corned beef known to man? …maybe. The best title I can give it is “Best corned beef straight out of a can.” That ain’t bad at all.


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