Delectable Halloween Costumes for 2013

When I was a kid, celebrating Halloween wasn’t really the norm in the Philippines. This time of the year usually meant going to the cemetery to visit dead relatives. Nowadays, while many still clog up the roads heading to various memorial parks, we also find time to dress up and party the night away.

Everyone and their next door neighbor are cooking up the most unique Halloween costume they can think of without breaking the bank right before the Christmas rush (read GeekOut’s list of easy Halloween costumes). Admittedly, I haven’t dressed up in a costume ever. Every year, I scour the Internet for good costume ideas but eventually chicken out for fear of looking silly (I know, I’m weak) and end up going out in normal everyday boring clothes.

Last year, I wanted to dress up as an Instagram selfie.

This year is no different. It’s one day before Halloween and I have no costume to speak of. Don’t be a Halloween Scrooge like me and start prepping your costumes for tomorrow! Below is a list of some Halloween costume ideas that make you look yummy.
1. Nerds

Nerdy Nerds. She probably isn’t a nerd but whatevs.

At the top of this year’s Halloween costumes list is this mildly suggestive but still pretty cute Nerds costume. Although the candy itself has no correlation to being a nerd, putting on this costume and a pair of nerdy glasses is an excellent combination of yummy and smart aleck-y.

2. Coke bottle

Hi, how are you? I can’t pee in my Coke costume!

Although sitting down (or peeing) might be rather difficult, this Coke bottle costume could be an excellent conversation starter. “You look hot. Need a drink?” is one pick up line you could use but I do not guarantee its success. But if you have the nice guy vibe, you just might be able to pull it off.

3. Carrot

No meat for this carrot lady.

For vegetarians, pescetarians, and health nuts, this carrot costume could be for you. Find a person in a bunny costume to strike a conversation with, or if you’re strictly vegan, find someone in a “peas in a pod” costume. Who knows, it might be a match made in healthy heaven.

4. Cupcake

Cupcakes are made of sugar and spice and everything nice.

This cupcake costume is just about the right amount of sexy and cute. Showing all the good parts but covering all the important parts, this wholesome costume is sure to sweeten up anyone’s night.

5. Bacon and Eggs

Bacon and eggs is a perfect match!

If you’re a couple that’s looking for a nommy matching costume, you can’t go wrong with this classic combo. Show everyone that you won’t do a Billy Crawford/Nikki Gil or an Angel Locsin/Phil Younghusband with this lasting Bacon and Eggs costume.

Halloween is for pets too! I wasn’t planning on putting up pet costumes on this post but I just had to share this super baduper adorbz banana split costume I found!

Banana split with a side of dog breath, anyone?

Which one’s your favorite? Mine’s the Nerds dress. Have a happy Halloween, everyone!


International Bacon Film Festival: Glorifying Bacon to a Whole New Level

Move over, cute kitty and puppy videos, it’s the time for bacon’s star to shine even brighter.

The first ever International Bacon Film Festival was held last October 17 in the celebrated city of New York. Sponsored by Hormel Black Label Bacon (of course!), the festival features 11 shortlisted films from a total of 132 submissions, highlighting the beauty that is bacon.

Michael Cameneti’s “Portrait of a Bacon Enthusiast” was hailed as this year’s best video, winning the grand prize of US$11,000 (and rumor has it, also a year’s supply of the cured meat).

Here’s the delectable clip of this year’s International Bacon Film Festival’s best porky video:

I’m not complaining but who’d have thought we’d come to a day when the world would make movies revolving around cured pork belly? We have truly evolved as a people. To satiate your visual cravings for bacon, watch other delicious entries here.

Source/s: Yes, There Is an ‘International Bacon Film Festival’


Do You Really Like Coffee?

Coffee is an essential part of life. Specially if you stayed up late the previous night watching the entire third season of The Walking Dead in preparation for the new season even though you need to clock in the office by eight the next day. The night after, you still can’t sleep after a full day because flashbacks of creepy, smelly zombies attacking you in the middle of sleep scares you to death. By the third day, you’d need to summon the magical powers of caffeine to defog the haze that is your brain in order to be able to juggle multiple work things at once (or you know, just put one foot in front of the other).

A dash of cinnamon for a bit of spice.

It would be the time when a steaming cup of strong coffee would be a picker upper, a life saver, and breakfast all at once. But if not for necessity, would you actually drink the stuff? Do you actually like how it tastes like? When you order your “coffee” drinks from your favorite coffee shop, is it the coffee that you’re after? Or all the other elements that help mask (or at least dilute) its actual taste? Without all the frills, coffee straight out of the pot is bitter brown liquid that leaves a distinct unpleasant flavor (and sometimes, even texture) in your mouth long after the cup is finished. You know, like when you haven’t brushed your teeth in days.

The smell of coffee is just lovely?

Ever wonder why coffee tastes horrible when it’s room temperature? Hot coffee is heaven sent, while iced coffee is a sweet treat but room temperature coffee is crap. Why? Live Science theorizes that since our taste receptors are less sensitive at extreme temperatures, our brains are probably distracted from the actual coffee flavor. When drinking coffee at room temperature, we get to taste its full flavor. This brings us back to the fact that coffee doesn’t actually taste pleasant.

Scorn all you want, but I love milk in my coffee.

There are a number of coffee beans from many different sources and all you coffee connoisseurs can look down on me and say that not all beans are created alike, but the general consensus is that coffee is bitter. Humans were created to naturally dislike bitter flavors to avoid ingesting potentially poisonous nature stuff (although it can be argued that coffee is some sort of a poison). In line with this, it seems that we are predisposed to dislike the taste of coffee but for one reason or another, we have acquired the taste for this bitter brew.

It may be for clearing your head in the morning or because the cool kids seem to be on the bandwagon or to help with digestion after a full meal, but evolution has it that we keep on drinking this curious drink.

P.S. Here’s an interesting read from Lifehacker about what caffeine actually does to your brain. It’s all science-y and stuff.

Noms, Press

Eat Like a Thunder God! Jollibee Cheesy Bacon Mushroom Champ!

Bim is a burger fiend. I can live on a diet of beef patties, buns, and sesame seeds alone. Throw in some mustard, some ketchup, and some pickles and onions and I’ve got myself a feast. I’ve eaten enough burgers in my day to have the gall to consider myself a connoisseur of sorts. I don’t necessarily favor one type of burger from a particular establishment, but I do have my preferences. From Jollibee, I’m actually a big fan of the Amazing Aloha for some reason. This is coming from a guy who thinks cooked pineapple is an affront to nature.

When Jollibee let me know that they were coming out with a new burger, launching it with a Thor: The Dark World theme, I was all ears. They sweetened the deal by giving patrons the option to buy a Mjolnir flash drive. To find out more about that, read it on GeekOut.

Let me introduce you to the Jollibee Cheesy Bacon Mushroom Champ.

Jollibee Cheesy Bacon Mushroom Champ

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Big Bite! A Food Festival of Northern Eats

Filipinos love to celebrate, as can be attributed by the many festivals we celebrate for any conceivable reason (#itsmorefuninthephilippines). And any celebration cannot be without food, that’s just how we are, right? This is why Big Bite! is an excellent idea. The biggest Northern Food festival combines both our love for eating and partying!

Next week, from October 18-20, 2013, MarQuee Mall in Pampanga will be holding “Big Bite! The Northern Food Festival” which will celebrate all kinds of food from the northern part of the country. The food festival will feature over 100 stalls with food specialties from the provinces of Pampanga, Bulacan, Ilocos, Baguio, Tarlac, Nueva Ecija, Zambales, Bataan, Pangasinan, Cagayan and La Union. Expect a lot of noms-es from different provinces.

Big Bite! The Northern Food Festival

Besides food stalls, Asian Food Channel will also host live cooking demos which will feature famous TV chefs cooking up delicious noms that you’ll never be able to replicate in your own kitchen (I KEED!).

Chef Sau del Rosario will be there!

MarQuee Mall is Ayala Land’s first mall north of Manila. It is located in Angeles City, Pampanga, just an hour’s drive from the metro and is strategically located adjacent to the Angeles exit of the NLEX. MarQuee Mall’s is staged in partnership with the Department of Tourism, Department of Trade and Industry, Manila North Tollways Corporation, Asian Food Channel, Cignal Digital TV, and Mercato Centrale Group.

For further details and inquiries, please call +639177527071 or email Like and follow MarQuee Mall’s social networking, @MarQueetweets, and instagram: @iloveMarQueemall.

Tip: There is a feature called Big Banquet where a minimum of P500 receipt entitles shoppers to sample delectable treats at the Food Festival for free. Noms for free! 😀


Fabrizio’s Frozquillos – Ice Cream With A Twist

Hello one and all! I’m in good spirits this fine Wednesday morning because parking was a breeze this morning (and that’s pretty rare for BGC) and I got in the mood to tell you about this happy little stall I found in SM Megamall.

I’m rarely in Pasig, or anywhere north of Makati for that matter. When I do get the chance to go there, it’s usually because I need to go to SM Megamall for one reason or another. And because it’s almost a road trip for me, I tend to stay there than I usually would and need to nom multiple times through the course of the day. This is primarily the reason for me getting to try the many food stalls in this mall more than any other mall.

Fabrizio's Frozquillos

Although I would usually do my business there and pace my meals throughout the day,  Fabrizio’s decidedly Italian decor in a tiny little stall right by the escalator made me stop, look, and eventually get one right as I got inside the mall. What is it, you ask? Take your typical barquillos, fill it up with chocolate soft serve ice cream using a special long and thin nozzle, sprinkle with happy candy sprinkles, and enjoy. It’s  nicely served in hygenic plastic, which is also great for unavoidable melted ice cream spills.

Fabrizio's Frozquillos

While the ice cream itself is not much different from the many five to ten peso soft serve ice creams (by that, I mean a bit bland and watery), the novelty of eating (slurping?) ice cream from a crunchy barquillos “cone” was more than enough to make the experience worthwile. And it can be got for just 20 bucks, which is a good price specially if you count in that barquillos sticks are even sold on the streets at roughtly 200 bucks per 10 piece pack.



Mine Shine and the Milk Tea Phenomenon

When coffee would be too strong or when a frappe would be too heavy, milk tea is the drink of choice for many. Milk tea cafes outnumber coffee shops and juice bars nowadays and there’s no doubt that they are here to stay. It has become so ingrained in our culture that most would know how to answer the question “Sugar level?”, that “pearl” or “crystals” do not mean precious jewels, and that no one’s referring to baseball when they talk about “sinkers”.

I’ll be honest in saying that I joined the bandwagon way too late. While I appreciate that it’s a lighter option to coffee and that there are chewables (which remind me of my all time favorite Starbucks drink), I’m not such a fan of mixing milk with tea. I love tea on its own and milk on its own but milk mixed in tea just reminds me of watered down coffee.

Mine Shine bottled milk tea

But what do I know? You all love it, so I give it a go every so often and it’s slowly growing on me. Like today, I went to 7-11 during break and got me a 600ml bottle of the infamous bottled milk tea called Mine Shine. I chose this one over all the other bottle milk teas available because many seem to be in love with it.’s Bim is a huge fan and buys it 3.5 out of 5 times he’s in a 7-11; I lugged several liters of the stuff from the Asian grocery for my officemate DJ, because that was the only place it was available in Lyon (and because I’m nice like that).

So about Mine Shine. Know how I said that milk mixed in tea reminds me of watered down coffee? Mine Shine tastes like that exactly. Without “sinkers”, the milk tea drink tastes diluted and not a lot of fun. Perhaps I’m not the best person to judge milk tea but to me, bottled milk teas in general are only a viable option to satiate your milk tea craving if you have no other choice. Everyone else says otherwise.