Delectable Halloween Costumes for 2013

When I was a kid, celebrating Halloween wasn’t really the norm in the Philippines. This time of the year usually meant going to the cemetery to visit dead relatives. Nowadays, while many still clog up the roads heading to various memorial parks, we also find time to dress up and party the night away.

Everyone and their next door neighbor are cooking up the most unique Halloween costume they can think of without breaking the bank right before the Christmas rush (read GeekOut’s list of easy Halloween costumes). Admittedly, I haven’t dressed up in a costume ever. Every year, I scour the Internet for good costume ideas but eventually chicken out for fear of looking silly (I know, I’m weak) and end up going out in normal everyday boring clothes.

Last year, I wanted to dress up as an Instagram selfie.

This year is no different. It’s one day before Halloween and I have no costume to speak of. Don’t be a Halloween Scrooge like me and start prepping your costumes for tomorrow! Below is a list of some Halloween costume ideas that make you look yummy.
1. Nerds

Nerdy Nerds. She probably isn’t a nerd but whatevs.

At the top of this year’s Halloween costumes list is this mildly suggestive but still pretty cute Nerds costume. Although the candy itself has no correlation to being a nerd, putting on this costume and a pair of nerdy glasses is an excellent combination of yummy and smart aleck-y.

2. Coke bottle

Hi, how are you? I can’t pee in my Coke costume!

Although sitting down (or peeing) might be rather difficult, this Coke bottle costume could be an excellent conversation starter. “You look hot. Need a drink?” is one pick up line you could use but I do not guarantee its success. But if you have the nice guy vibe, you just might be able to pull it off.

3. Carrot

No meat for this carrot lady.

For vegetarians, pescetarians, and health nuts, this carrot costume could be for you. Find a person in a bunny costume to strike a conversation with, or if you’re strictly vegan, find someone in a “peas in a pod” costume. Who knows, it might be a match made in healthy heaven.

4. Cupcake

Cupcakes are made of sugar and spice and everything nice.

This cupcake costume is just about the right amount of sexy and cute. Showing all the good parts but covering all the important parts, this wholesome costume is sure to sweeten up anyone’s night.

5. Bacon and Eggs

Bacon and eggs is a perfect match!

If you’re a couple that’s looking for a nommy matching costume, you can’t go wrong with this classic combo. Show everyone that you won’t do a Billy Crawford/Nikki Gil or an Angel Locsin/Phil Younghusband with this lasting Bacon and Eggs costume.

Halloween is for pets too! I wasn’t planning on putting up pet costumes on this post but I just had to share this super baduper adorbz banana split costume I found!

Banana split with a side of dog breath, anyone?

Which one’s your favorite? Mine’s the Nerds dress. Have a happy Halloween, everyone!


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Mel is a developer by day, a couch potato by night, and a bacon lover at all times. She likes good noms, cute puppies, the color orange, and all things bacon. You may contact her at admin@bacontunamelt.com or anywhere via this blog.

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